How to create a Windows Virtual Machine in Ubuntu?

Would you like to create a testing environment for Windows on your Linux computer? Are you running Ubuntu or some other Debian based operating system (like Linux Mint)? It isn’t hard to create your testing environment for Windows using VirtualBox. This article will show you quickly how it is done! The first thing you must Read More

How can I switch between workspaces in Ubuntu? A quick keyboard shortcut that will help you!

Are you using multiple workspaces in Ubuntu? Would you like to find a shortcut that helps you easily switch between the different workspaces? It isn’t hard if you know what buttons to use! As you can see, I have two workspaces available above. You can see all windows in the current workspace by clicking the Read More

What are the green numbers showing over icons in the Ubuntu bar/dock? How to get rid of them?

Do you see a little number above some icon in your Ubuntu bar/dock? Maybe it is a small ring with a number one on the inside, or maybe 2 or 3? What are these numbers? What do they represent, and how can you get rid of them? I will make this very easy. In Ubuntu, Read More