How to watch Suits season 8 on Netflix?

Suits is the most successful TV series on the US Network, and it is the longest-running TV show they have ever had. The final episode of season 8 aired in the USA on February 27th in 2019, and the ninth season started on July 17th in 2019. But, where can you stream the 8th season of Suits online? And where to stream Suits season 9 online?

The first episode of Suits season 8 aired back in July 2018. But, they had a long break in the season from September 2019, meaning that no episodes were aired between September 19th and January 23rd. And on July 17th in 2019 the final season starter of Suits, that is Suits season 9. But, how can you stream Suits season 8 and 9 on Netflix?

Get ready for Suits season 9 on Netflix as well
These instructions is showing you how to watch Suits season 1-9 on Netflix. Not only will they explain how to watch the first eight seasons of Suits, but if you follow these instructions, you can also stream Suits season 9 on Netflix in full!

Suits season 9 is now on Netflix - and so is Suits season 8 and all the other seasons!
Suits season 9 is now on Netflix – and so is Suits season 8 and all the other seasons!

How to watch Suits season 8 (and 9) online?

If you are a Suits fan and want to watch Suits season 8 online, it can easily be fixed if you have a Netflix subscription. This is what you need to do to watch Suits season 8 online on Netflix.

  • You can watch Suits season 8 (and 9) on Netflix in the UK. So, how can you stream Netflix UK elsewhere in the world? This is what you need to do!
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  • Search for Suits, and enjoy streaming all 8 seasons of Suits on Netflix right away.

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Season number 8 is the first season of the show totally without the character of Patrick J. Adams, and also without Meghan Markle. But, the fans weren’t disappointed, as the arrival of Katherine Heigl and Dule Hill made the series go on without missing the former stars that much.

Suits season 8 is now finished running on the USA Network
Suits season 8 is now finished running on the USA Network

How many people are actually watching Suits in the United States?

It is very interesting to follow the statistics of the show for the 8 seasons produced so far. The first season in season one had 4,64 million viewers in the United States (according to Wikipedia). Throughout the first season the amount of viewers went down, and the final episodes had 3,47 million viewers in the USA.

And then, let us jump to season six. The first episode had 1,85 million viewers, and then it went downwards and ended up with a total of 1,13 million viewers (in the USA). As you can see, there is a trend of great attention at the start of a season, but then it moves downwards throughout the season. The same was true about season 7 as well. It started with 1,40 million viewers, and finished of with 1,07 million viewers.

But, what about season 8?

The eight season started with 1,27 million viewers and the final episode had 0,74 million viewers. Is is almost strange to see that the amount of viewers of the pilot episode of every season gets lower and lower for every year, and then the amount of viewers decline throughout the season. This might be a phenomena not only known to Suits, but most other TV series as well.

But, it should be said that Suits is having millions of fans worldwide. In other words, it is one of the most popular TV series out there, and I know this because we have had more than 30,000 people watching our video about how you can watch Suits season 8 on Netflix. The interest is giant and people are out there looking for a way to watch it, as they cannot watch it on the US Network in the USA (as they probably would have preferred). What was special about Suits season 8 is that it wasn’t aired on Dave in the UK, but instead, Netflix had the rights to broadcast the show in the UK. As a result, Netflix subscribers in England got access to the new episodes every single week, just after they were aired in the United States. And to be honest, I have a feeling Suits actually had more viewers on Netflix in the UK than they did at the actual network airing in the United States.

Will there be a ninth season of Suits?
Will Harvey return for a Suits season 9?

Will there be a Suits season 9?

That is a question lots of people ask themselves, and I am here to share some information with you that you will be interested in reading. But, I am here to share both some good and some bad news. The good news is that there will be a season 9 of Suits, and the bad news is that it will be the final season.

Unlike the earlier seasons, there will only be 10 episodes of the final season of suits. But, if you are a big fan of Suits, then you might want to know that there will be a spin-off named Pearson. This will tell the story of Jessica Pearson who continues her career in Chicago after leaving her current position.

Suits season 9 will premiere on July 17th in 2019 on USA Network in the USA and on Netflix in the UK.

Looking at the viewer numbers that I quoted above, it is no wonder that they will lead the series towards an end. Seeing the viewer numbers decrease from year to year doesn’t look nice, and sometimes everything has to stop. But, Suits as a TV series created by Aaron Korsh will still move into history as one of the biggest success stories of the USA Network, and the longest running show they have ever produced so far.

Comparing Suits with Mr. Robot

But, how popular is Suits? If we compare Suits with other popular TV shows, then let us start by comparing it with Mr. Robot, another TV series from USA Network. This has won several prices, especially for the role of Remi Malek (who just won an Oscar for his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody). The first season of Mr. Robot started 1,75 million viewers in the USA, and it ended with 1,21 million viewers.

The second season of Mr. Robot started with 1,04 million viewers and ended with 0,84 million viewers. The third season started with 0,68 million viewers and finalized with 0,44 million viewers. If we compare these shows, it can still be seen that Suits is doing a good job, and that the decline from season to season and episode to episode is quite normal.

Comparing Suits with The Big Bang Theory

This might be a cruel thing to do considering how The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV shows of our days. And they are not following the examples of the earlier TV series when it comes to a declining amount of viewers.

The first season of The Big Bang Theory started with more than 9 million viewers, and the season finale had 7,5 million viewers. But, then something happened along the way (I guess a lot of people binge-watched the first season and got hooked). The second season started with 9,5 million viewers as well, but then suddenly it boomed within the season and the 13th episode of the second season had more than 13 million viewers.

Since then, The Big Bang Theory has been running with more than 10 million viewers constantly, but with some episodes running with more than 17 million viewers.

In other words, there are examples of TV series that doesn’t run with a constant decline in viewers, and The Big Bang Theory is one of the best examples of such a series.

Suits has been a giant success, and now we are all waiting for the final season

Suits might not be just as big a success as The Big Bang Theory, but it could never become just as big a success considering that it actually is a USA Network production. The TV shows from the smaller networks doesn’t have the chance of reaching just as big audience in the USA as the productions from FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC, and thus we shouldn’t really compare them.

But, now we all have to wait for the final season of the show, and I for one look very much forward to it!

When will Suits season 9 premiere?

Suits season 9 will premiere on July 17th at 21.00 in the United States. It will be followed at 22.00 by the spin-off series named Pearson. It will most likely become available on Netflix in the UK on July 18th from early morning, so you do not have to wait for a long time if you want to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix in addition to all the earlier seasons.

Since there will only be ten episodes, it is expected for the show to run throughout the summer and finish off without a long break.

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