The battle of the OHM forks – results from week one.

One week ago, we launched a project here in the IP Address Guide in which we invested $1000 into 11 different OlympusDAO forks, only to follow them for at least one month (maybe more) and to see how the investment will evolve. To be honest, it hasn’t been a bright week, but if we had started the project two weeks ago, it would have been even worse. But, there is no secret that the first week has been very red with bad numbers for almost all cryptocurrencies, especially for OlympusDAO and all the OlympusDAO forks.

But, let us take a look at the result from the first week. If you want to get a full overview of the experiment, including the results that you will find here, take a look at the main article: JADE vs. TIME vs. SPA vs. FORT vs. GYRO vs. SB vs. HEC vs. PAPA vs. KLIMA vs. WAGMI vs. TAC.

the battle of the olympusdao forks

What happened with 11x$1000 in the last week?

Here you can see the starting point of the experiment. This was from December 8th in 2021.

Number of tokensValue of tokens
Euphoria ($WAGMI)1.41$1000
FortressDAO ($FORT)27$1000
Gyro ($GYRO)2.60$1000
HectorDAO ($HEC)8.2$1000
JADE ($JADE)2.6$1000
KlimaDAO ($KLIMA)1.73$1000
PapaDAO ($PAPA)51.2$1000
Snowbank ($SB)1.74$1000
Spartacus ($SPA)9.8$1000
TaiChi ($TAC)26.5$1000
Wonderland ($TIME)0.2$1000

Now, one week later, let us take a look at the new numbers.

The investment status as of December 15th in 2021

December 8thDecember 15th
Euphoria ($WAGMI)1.41 ($1000)1.69 ($670)
FortressDAO ($FORT)27 ($1000)31.45 ($450)
Gyro ($GYRO)2.60 ($1000)2.88 ($696)
HectorDAO ($HEC)8.2 ($1000)9.61 ($725)
JADE ($JADE)2.6 ($1000)3.36 ($908)
KlimaDAO ($KLIMA)1.73 ($1000)1.95 ($769)
PapaDAO ($PAPA)51.2 ($1000)72.75 ($880)
Snowbank ($SB)1.74 ($1000)2.04 ($884)
Spartacus ($SPA)9.8 ($1000)11.43 ($627)
TaiChi ($TAC)26.5 ($1000)30.60 (714)
Wonderland ($TIME)0.2 ($1000)0.22 ($687)

All projects lost value, but Jade, PapaDAO and Snowbank were the best performing losers!

There you have the numbers and the results after week one of the experiment. It is very easy to see that EVERY SINGLE PROJECT has lost value the last week Some are worse than others, and FortressDAO is outperforming the others when it comes to actually losing value.

The three best projects, if you look at the current price in USD, are PapaDAO, Snowbank, and JADE. To be honest, I am a little bit surprised, and in the middle of the week, I thought JADE would be the number one project followed by HectorDAO. Jade was doing awesome for a long time and it was even at $1250 in value after a couple of days. HectorDAO also experienced an increase, but then it dropped once again in the last couple of days, thus taking it to its present state.

Even though Jade dropped from $450 in value at the highest to its present $269, this is still the best project, especially because of the awesome APY quickly increasing the number of tokens that you own.

I am also quite surprised that Wonderland dropped as much as it did.

PapaDAO also dropped a lot, but as you can see, the number of tokens has increased by nearly 50% in one week, due to some crazy APY adjustments they did. If it hadn’t been for that, PapaDAO would probably have been among the biggest losers this last week. KlimaDAO also had a very good weekend, but then they retraced to the $400 level again in the last couple of days.

What to do now?

The trick with the OlympusDAO forks (and spoons) is that they are increasing in number over time. In other words, we are not depressed or worried, but it might just take a little longer before this little investment will go into profit. No matter what, we will return next week for a new update on this investment, so please place a bookmark her and get the latest news and updates next week!

Any thoughts or comments?

What do you think and expect from the coming weeks? Do you believe the Christmas holiday will bring new money and new investors to the market, or will people rather just sell crypto and take profit and we will see even bigger drops in the market?

3 thoughts on “The battle of the OHM forks – results from week one.

  1. Richard says:

    Umm this didn’t age well. Both Jade and PapaDao turned out to be scams and they stole all the funds. You can’t compare the safety from established protocols with the scams running around. There are more scams than legit Dao’s and credit should be given to Time and Olympus for doing what they say and being sustainable projects.

  2. ottero says:

    Hi very good articles. I am reading every article you write. Your thought process clear and writing style is evocative. Please keep it up. If possible also let me know your twitter handle so I can follow you there xx

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