The easy way to watch His Dark Materials season 1 online!

His Dark Materials is a brand new series from HBO and BBC that seems to become super-popular. Would you like to watch the new episodes from the first moment? But, where can you find His Dark Materials online? Where can you watch His Dark Materials online? Do you need an HBO subscription to watch His Dark Materials? This article will give you all the information you need to watch the brand new episodes of His Dark Materials online!

His Dark Materials is a trilogy based on the works of Philip Pullman. It has already been decided to create two seasons of the show, but most likely a third one will come as well. If so, the three books will be covered. And that is one thing fans are happy about. If you remember, many people disliked the way Game of Thrones was “ruined” in the last season as the creators made up stories that didn’t come from the original books. Here, however, the books are already written, meaning that the producers shouldn’t be able to destroy it (hopefully)!

But, before we get to His Dark Materials season 2 and His Dark Materials season 3, you better get started with watching His Dark Materials season 1 online. How and where can it be done?

An easy way to watch His Dark Materials online!

If you want a quick solution, watch the video above and follow the instructions. The VPN services of ExpressVPN is needed, and you can visit their website by clicking the button beneath. If you do so, you will get a big discount and 3 months extra for free if you purchase their 12-months package.

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His Dark Materials online – step by step!

If you want to stream His Dark Materials on HBO Now in the USA!

You can watch His Dark Materials on HBO Now in the United States. But, as I mentioned earlier, you will need a subscription to HBO Now which costs 15 USD per month, so there are cheaper ways to solve this. If you still want to watch His Dark Materials on HBO Now, follow the instructions in this article to get started.

Watch His Dark Materials online

For those who want to stream His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer in the UK

The easiest and cheapest way to stream His Dark Materials online is on BBC iPlayer in the UK. There you will get immediate access to the new episodes, and it is very easy and completely free. The only requirement is that you are located in the United Kingdom. If you live somewhere else, you will see an error message telling you that the show cannot be streamed at your current location. So, what can you do about that?

This is where ExpressVPN comes to your help! You need to purchase a subscription to their VPN service, and once you have signed up, download their VPN application to your device.

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Run the ExpressVPN application and connect to a server in the United Kingdom. This will give you a UK IP address, and you will be able to stream BBC iPlayer online, no matter where you might be in the world.

Once you are connected, reload your browser or the BBC iPlayer application and you are good to go.

What if I do not find the BBC iPlayer application?
If you want to stream His Dark Materials on your iOS or your Android device, you will need to download the BBC Media Player and the BBC iPlayer application to your device first. But, if you do not find them in the Google Play Store or in the Apple Store, you will need to do some manual steps first for this to work. I have written these steps down in detail in my article on how to watch BBC abroad, so check it out, and get started!

You should now be ready to watch His Dark Materials online in a few minutes from now. If you still have comments or questions, please write them down and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible!

His Dark Materials – Critics and comments

Based on the first episode, the critics out there are mostly very positive. At Rotten Tomatoes, His Dark Materials currently have an 83% critics score and a 93% audience score.

His Dark Materials on Rotten Tomatoes

At the Internet Movie Database, the show has an 8,3/10 score based on 1500 votes. These numbers are for sure positive and should be considered praise to the actors and the makers of the show. There are lots of famous actors in the show, and Dafne Keen (you might remember her from Logan), James McAvoy (X-Men movies), Ruth Wilson (whom I remember from Luther), Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ian Peck and Andrew Scott are just some of the stars of the show.

Some of the famous critics have written some of the following comments to the first episode of His Dark Materials.

Visually, it’s Art Deco meets steampunk, with the airships and canal barges feeling a little less fresh than when this world first tumbled from Pullman’s rich imagination; but his themes are ever-pertinent. (Suzi Feay, Financial Times)

While His Dark Materials is not, on the basis of the first episode, an all-out extravaganza, it is a fine piece of drama, capturing the strangeness and childlike wonder of the books, but also their rigour and bite. This is intelligent populism writ large. (Ben Lawrence, Daily Telegraph)

His Dark Materials is fabulous. It does an absolutely wonderful job of bringing to life [Philip] Pullman’s parallel world, which is a lot like the one we inhabit, yet also completely unlike it. (Pat Stacey, The Herald)

As you can see from the different quotes above, there are widely different opinions among critics. Some love it and praise it, while others are more skeptical, and Allison Shoemaker at goes as far as writing the following: “His Dark Materials remains a world worth exploring, but whether you’re comparing it to the source material or coming to it fresh, this series is weak tea.

I would be really eager and curious to find out what you think about the show, so please write a few sentences to share your thoughts.

If you need help streaming His Dark Materials online, please write a comment and let me know what I can do to assist you and help you along the way!

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