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liquidvpn-reviewWould you like to know more about LiquidVPN? We have tested Liquid VPN, and here you can read our verdict in our LiquidVPN review.

For a long time LiquidVPN was like family overseas to us. We knew it existed, but we never actually got to know them. But, not long ago someone introduced us to our unknown family (that is LiquidVPN) and after spending a few days getting to know one another we are know ready to share our knowledge with the world. Would you like to know more about LiquidVPN? Want to know more about the most popular and interesting LiquidVPN features? Read our LiquidVPN review and if you have further thoughts, share them using the comment field in the bottom of this article!

Let’s get started!

We like conservative websites which are easy to maneuver.  We like websites that clearly give us the information we are looking for. The LiquidVPN website is easy to use and maneuver. The design and the colors are not exactly the way we like them to be, but that is our problem. Probably you don’t like the design of our IP Guide either, so luckily this is just discussing the looks of something (which doesn’t have to influence the quality of the actual product at all).

Liquid VPN prices and plans

If you take a look at the picture above you will see that LiquidVPN makes signing up easy. They have three different plans, but luckily they are very easy to differ from one another. There is no difference in the actual quality of the product. There are no pro-package that includes extra protocols or services! Everything is the same with the three packages, the only difference is the amount of people who can use the connection simultaneously. For more people the SideKick plan will therefore be more than enough. If you however plan on using the subscription together with other people then you might want to consider the Road Warrior or the Ultimate package instead.

The LiquidVPN prices are quite nice and with an annual fee of 57USD for the SideKick package this is among the lowest prices on the market. LiquidVPN also has a seven day full refund policy.

The most important LiquidVPN features

LiquidVPN has most of the features one would expect any VPN provider to have. As a result you can switch between servers as much as you want at all times, and there is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you use. They do not limit P2P usage and they have a strict zero log policy. The only thing they actually log is bandwidth usage which they have to do because of their refund policy.


This is a brand new feature with LiquidVPN as of 2016. If you activate LiquidLock it will make sure that no information or data is leaked outside the VPN connection you use. This is kind of similar to a “kill-switch”, but it is even more extensive. This is only available for the desktop users at the moment, but a brilliant way to protect yourself while online! If you only want to use LiquidVPN to unblock streaming sites this is not needed, but if security and anonymity is of the essence you will like the LiquidLock.

Watch Netflix, BBC, ITV, Hulu and more with LiquidVPN

LiquidVPN has done something we like a lot. They call it Smart Streaming. What is it about? If you live in Germany and want to watch Hulu in USA you will normally have to connect to a US server. This will however slow down your Internet connection as much speed is lost during its trip to the overseas server. What LiquidVPN has done now is that they have made it possible to watch BBC, ITV, Hulu, NBC ,CBS, US Netflix and other services from any VPN server in their register. As a result you can connect to a VPN server in Sweden, but whenever you visit you will get access to US Netflix. You can also visit the BBC website and watch BBC online or if you visit you will get access to Hulu. And yes, this is true also when connected to a LiquidVPN server in a totally different country. In that way you can stay safe and connected to a close VPN server and still stream your favorite overseas VPN services.

IP Modulation

This is the feature that many people consider to be the number one LiquidVPN feature. IP Modulation is a function with LiquidVPN that makes your IP address change all the time. As a result it will be impossible to block you for websites (almost), because your IP address keeps changing. In fact, just as you load a website the requests sent to the actual website will arrive from different IP addresses. You do not have to use this, but if you want to then there are IP Modulation servers you can choose from in the LiquidVPN application.

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LiquidVPN speeds

In our LiquidVPN review we of course have to write some words on the speeds of their servers. You can have a fantastic VPN service, but if you get poor download speeds as you use a service it is a waste. We read some other Liquid VPN reviews before writing our own, and one of the reviews complained a lot about the download speeds. That is why we decided to test lots of their servers to see how LiquidVPN worked for us. Let us just say that we were surprised!

  • Before connecting to LiquidVPN and their servers we had a download speed of 45Mbps.
  • Then we connected to servers in Europe (in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Germany). The download speeds we enjoyed were between 30 and 40 Mbps for all these servers! Those are fantastic numbers!
  • We also connected to a random server in the USA and the download speed we then surfed with was around 15 Mbps. Considering the long travel for the data that is a good connection as well, and with 15Mbps you can stream almost anything online in HD quality.
  • Finally we tested the IP Modulation as we read that this was especially suffering from low speeds. To our grand surprise we did not at all suffer as we connected to an IP Modulation server in Switzerland. In fact we surfed with download speeds around 25Mbps, which is just perfect.

Based on our tests we did not at all suffer from poor download speeds with LiquidVPN. Maybe we were lucky, or maybe the LiquidVPN download speeds are great? Have you got any recent experience with LiquidVPN that you want to share? Use the comment field beneath to share your insight!

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LiquidVPN servers

The amount of servers in the LiquidVPN network can not at all be compared to VPN providers like PureVPN and HideMyAss. But, who cares if they lack servers in Egypt and Saudi Arabia if all you want is to encrypt your online activity during a trip to Europe? Or if your goal is to get access to US Netflix?

On the map beneath you can see an overview of the nations in which LiquidVPN servers can be found. They do upgrade their server park frequently and one can expect them to launch their services in new nations in the future, but as of now this is what it looks like.

LiquidVPN has servers in the most important nations

LiquidVPN review wrap-up

If you have read the entire LiquidVPN review so far you probably understand that we like this VPN service. Our favorite function might be the smart streaming which gives us access to BBC, ITV, Hulu and US Netflix connecting to any server in the network. And since their VPN speeds are great buffering is out of the question.


If you want to give LiquidVPN a try then you can press the LiquidVPN button above.

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