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Overplay is one of those VPN services that has been on the market for a while and with a large amount of users already. In this Overplay review you can get to know our thoughts about their VPN services and you can share your own thoughts writing a comment if you’d like.

The Overplay website is easy to use and understand, though any beginner will get a bit confused because of the two different packages presented at once. Overplay offer what they call SmartDNS which cost 5USD a month and then they have their normal VPN service which cost 10USD a month.

Overplay SmartDNS or Full VPN?

Many people need a VPN service because they want to see or reach content locked by a geo-block. If that is you, SmartDNS might be enough for you. Let us say that you want to watch Norwegian NRK from abroad, CBS from abroad, ITV or several other TV channels, SmartDNS will let you do so. All you need to do is to modify the name of your DNS servers in the TCP/IP settings on your computer (this is easy to do) and then the Overplay DNS servers will tricks those sites with geo block and make them believe that you are in that actual nation. The amazing thing about this is that you will keep your original Internet speed, thus not loosing lots of speed connecting to a VPN server in another nation. If you want to watch live streams on the Internet blocked by a geo-block, SmartDNS is the best tool out there.

The amount of TV stations and live streaming services supported by OverPlay is increasing every single day, but if the channel you are interested in still does not exist on OverPlay, just tell the guys, and they will help you out within shortly.

If you need a VPN service, thus giving you a new IP address in another nation and encrypting your Internet connection, you need to go for the Full VPN option.

Overplay client
This is what the Overplay client looks like

Overplay client review

If you only make a subscription for the Overplay SmartDNS you do not download the client at all, you simply follow the Overplay instructions on how to change the DNS servers on your computer. If you however go for the Full VPN option you should download the Overplay client to your computer. This client is very easy to use and can be handled by anyone. It does not give you any information about the servers you are about to connect to (their ping time or so), but connecting to the servers is easy and disconnecting just as easy.

Overplay servers

Connecting to Overplay serverOverplay has servers in more than 48 nations in the world, and here you can find a list giving you some of the nations in which you can get an IP address if you get an Overplay Full VPN subscription:
USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, France, India, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Israel, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Argentina, Colombia, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and some more.

Overplay speeds

We have tested the different Overplay servers in several nations. While most VPN providers have very different speeds in the different nations of the world, Overplay constantly provides the same speeds on all the servers we have tried… 1,5Mbps-2,5Mbps. These speeds should work out for most people, but if you are in need of greater speeds for your VPN connection, then at least based on our tests, you might want to consider some other tool than Overplay.

Overplay review conclusion

All in all we are extremely big fans of the SmartDNS tool provided by Overplay, but the speeds using the Full VPN service are a bit to slow. The interface is still easy to use and for general users this should be enough providing IP addresses in more than 48 nations around the world. If you try it, but find yourself not satisfied, Overplay has a 5 day full refund guarantee! Visit their site by pressing the button beneath this text.


Have you used it? Share your thoughts and experience as you write a comment!

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One thought on “Overplay review

  1. Conrad says:

    I have received the following from Overplay support:

    “MaxMind has entered incorrect information in their database regarding most of our server’s IP address. As a result, these websites cannot tell where our VPN server is really located in the world. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over MaxMinds database.”

    In other words Overplay doesn’t do what it says on the tin. They won’t refund you and continue to take payments from you even though you have set “autorenew” to no.

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