ZenVPN review

Have you considered using ZenVPN as your VPN provider? Read this review before you move on to find more information about ZenVPN.

It is insanely important to have a nice looking website when you work online. A nice website will bring trust to the user, while a crappy website will make visitors suspicious… and believe me, it is much harder to convince a suspicious visitor than one coming with trust.

Why do I say this here? When I visited the ZenVPN website, it did not have a good effect on me.

The ZenVPN website
The ZenVPN website

The picture shown above is actually the nicer part of the website. The rest looks crappy, and doesn’t even seem to be updated. But, ZenVPN has a free version which lets you use 250 MB of data for free, and that is quite nice. In other words, we wanted to give ZenVPN the benefit of the doubt and decided to install their VPN client.

ZenVPN prices

When I looked at the ZenVPN price chart, I felt like I moved back 5 years in time. They have two different price charts. One with standard price rate, which means you have a limited amount of data available. The one year package then cost 50 USD per year, and considering the fact that you will find lots of other VPN providers giving you unlimited amount of data for the same price, it is ridicilous.

As you can see, here you have a limit on the daily data transfer amount!

Then they have the unlimited packages. These cost twice as much, and then you will be able to surf without limits on the bandwidth.

Prices for the unlimited ZenVPN packages
Prices for the unlimited ZenVPN packages

These prices are not super-expensive, but they are not very cheap either. Considering the fact that there are much nicer and more famous VPN providers with the same prices, or lower prices, would make me spend my money somewhere else, for sure! The fact that ZenVPN does have a Weekly package is nice, however, as this is something most other VPN providers actually lack!

But, what is ZenVPN like in real life?

Well, well, well!! I have installed ZenVPN on two different computers, and the same trouble showed up on both… the application didn’t want to start at all (two different Windows 10 systems).

To be honest, the website was crappy, the information on the website was crappy, the installation process was crappy… and after trying to install the VPN client on two different computers I felt as if I had already spent way to much time on this VPN client that never enticed me at all!

In other words, I never got to try ZenVPN, and thus I cannot really finish my ZenVPN review. But, based on what I have seen and tried, I would quickly leave ZenVPN and their website, and find another VPN provider to keep me safe online instead!

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