How to watch Euro 2016 on iPad?

Would you like to watch Euro 2016 on your iPad? It is very easy and this is how it is done. Here are two suggestions for how to watch Euro 2016 on your iPad all across the world.

There are lots of TV channels broadcasting the event and to watch the broadcasts from these TV stations you will first of all need their specified application. This can be downloaded from Apple Store, but often these apps will only be available if you have an Apple ID in that given nation. In other words this is what you need to do!

watch euro 2016 on your iPad

Watch Euro 2016 on BBC/ITV in England on iPad

If you want to watch Euro 2016 on BBC or ITV in England on your iPad you will need to download their given applications from Apple Store. To do so you need to create an English Apple ID which is very easy, just make sure to create your ID with a UK address. Later you log onto Apple Store with your new ID and then you will be able to find the ITV and the BBC app.

To be able actually to watch the live streams in these apps you will need to have an English IP address and that is something you can get using the VPN services of IPVanish.


Watch Euro 2016 on SRF in Switzerland on iPad

To watch the matches on SRF in Switzerland using the app for iPad you need a swiss Apple ID to actually download the application first (if you do not have it already). Then you will need a Swiss IP address, something you can get using the VPN services of HideMyAss again. Click the button above and sign up if you need a HideMyAss subscription.

Watch Euro 2016 on ZDF/ARD in Germany on iPad

The concept is exactly the same if you want to watch Euro 2016 on ZDF or ARD in Germany, so just get yourself a German Apple ID, download these apps and get yourself a German IP address using HideMyAss.

In the same way you can watch Euro 2016 on NRK/TV2 i Norway, on SVT/TV4 in Sweden, on RTP in Portugal and YLE in Finland.

We hope these instructions have helped you, but if you have comments or questions just write them in the comment field beneath.


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