Saudi Arabian Grand Prix online streaming guide.

Formula 1 Saudi Arabia is a Grand Prix race in the Formula One World Championship. It was first arranged in Jeddah in December 2021. Together with Bahrain Grand Prix, it is the only Formula One race organized in the Middle East. The competition immediately became a success. As a result, the Formula One race in Saudi Arabia has become a permanent part of the Formula One calendar each year since then. Would you like to stream this year’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix online?

The Jeddah Street Circuit is a 6.175km long circuit featuring 27 corners, making it one of the world’s longest and fastest street circuits. It is located along the Red Sea coast and has been designed to showcase the city’s modern architecture and beautiful scenery.

The race is a night race which creates a unique atmosphere for the fans. The competition is a part of Saudi Arabia’s attempt to diversify its money and profile by spending more time, energy, and money on sports.

saudi arabian grand prix online

How to watch the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix online?

There are many ways to stream the Formula One race online. You can read a long article describing all sorts of options and possible solutions here. But if you only want a quick fix that will let you stream this and all other Formula One races online for free, do as follows:

  1. Purchase a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN. Click this link to visit the ExpressVPN website. It will give you three months for free if you purchase a 1-year plan.
  2. Install ExpressVPN on your computer, telephone, or tablet. 
  3. Run the VPN application and connect to a server in Hungary. This will give you a Hungarian IP address which is needed to enjoy the free TV stream showing the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix online.
  4. Go to and select the live stream from M4 Sport online. You can stream the live stream of the Hungarian sports channel online. This channel shows all Formula One races online for free, making this an ideal solution for the entire season.

Many other advantages are coming if you follow these instructions. For example, you can watch Champions League football online on the same TV channel in Hungary for free. In addition, you can use the VPN subscription to access TV networks and streaming services in more than 100 other countries (besides Hungary), making it ideal for streaming a movie on Japanese Netflix or the newest episode of The Young Sheldon on CBS in the USA.

Many motorsport enthusiasts have welcomed the addition of Formula 1 Saudi Arabia to the calendar. However, the decision to hold the race in Saudi Arabia has also been criticized by some due to the country’s human rights record and controversial policies.

Who has won the earlier editions of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton won the first-ever Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021. However, he only ended up second in the overall standings in 2021, as the Dutch driver Max Verstappen won the season.

In 2022, Max Verstappen again became the best driver overall, and in 2022, he even won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2023? What do you think?

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