How and where to watch all the NFL matches online, also in the States!

The NFL 2016 season is about to start and currently the preseason matches are running. If you want to watch all the preseason and regular NFL season matches online, this is what you need to do!

There is little doubt about the fact that the NFL is the biggest when it comes to sports in the USA: The National Football League (NFL) brings millions of people to the arenas to watch their favorite teams and even more people to their screens to watch. The highlight is of course the fantastic Super Bowl which is normally arranged in the start of February every year. The Super Bowl is not only known for its fantastic football and two excited teams, but also for the half time show with famous artists and performers on stage. In 2017 the Super Bowl will be arranged on February 5th at the NRG Stadium.

But, what can you do if you want to watch all the pre-season and regular season matches online, including the Super Bowl?

Watch the NFL online

Watch all NFL matches online

To get access to all the NFL matches online you can visit the NFL Game Pass. Depending on where you are you will get two different options.

  • In the US: If you visit the NFL Game Pass from the USA you will be able to sign up and get access to live coverage of pre-season matches and on demand access to regular season matches.
    The price for this package is still not published, but much cheaper than the international NFL Game Pass.
  • Outside the US: You will get access to live coverage from all pre-season matches and live coverage from all regular matches, including the Super Bowl.
    The price for this is 199,99 Euro (around 225 USD).

Now for some people in the USA the NFL Game Pass package with on-demand coverage of the regular matches will be enough, while other people will be eagerly longing to watch all the matches live as they are played. For some people outside the USA the question is if they can simply sign up for the US NFL Game Pass (which is cheaper) so that they can watch on demand, as they do not really want to pay that much and do not have interest in watching all the NFL matches live. Here comes the answers.

Get access to international NFL Game Pass in the USA

If you are located in the USA and want to watch the NFL matches live, then you will need to get access to the international Game Pass. For this to be done you need to change your IP address so that the NFL Game Pass website will believe that you are located somewhere else. To accomplish this you better use the VPN services of IPVanish.


If you press the button above you can visit the IPVanish website. There you can sign up for their services and download their VPN client to your computer or to your tablet or mobile device. With this application you will simply need to connect to a server in for example England, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland or some other country that is not the United States. Once connected you can visit the NFL Game Pass website again. You can now sign up for the international version and get access to live coverage of all NFL matches online.

Get access to international NFL Game Pass in the USA
NFL” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by  kawaidc

Get access to US NFL Game Pass outside the US

This might not be so interesting for most people, but if you for some reason want to get access to the US NFL Game Pass from abroad you will need to get an American IP address. You can get such an IP address using the VPN services of IPVanish. You can read more about IP Vanish in our IPVanish review which can be found here.


Now that you have the IPVanish subscription you only need to download their application to your device and connect to a server in the USA. We suggest that you restart your browser and visit NFL Game Pass again. You will now be able to sign up for the US NFL Game Pass. It is cheaper, but do not forget that you will not be able to follow the NFL live coverage (as you can with the international version).

Get ready to watch NFL online

Now you should be ready to watch the NFL 2016 season online. But, which team do you cheer for? Do you expect them to have any chance of winning? If you want to know more about all the 32 teams participating the following 2016 season preview at is interesting reading.

Should you want to share some thoughts about your favorite NFL team or maybe you have a question related to watching NFL online? Write a comment beneath!


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