How to watch RTI online from outside the Ivory Coast?

RTI 1RTI is one of the leading TV channels in the Ivory Coast, and they have a great website where you can watch their programs and live streams online. That is wonderful, but if you try to watch sports events and some other international programs online from outside the Ivory Coast, you are about to bump into some trouble!

On RTI you can see lots of sports events, for example World Cup in football and so on. The truth is that most of these broadcasts are copyrighted, meaning that RTI only has the right to broadcast them within the nation of the Ivory Coast. That is why they use a so called geographical block to make sure that people located outside the nation will remain unable to watch what is going on in such broadcasts. And the consequence is that those located outside the country will not be able to watch the show or the live stream. However, in the problem you can also find the solution, because to fix the problem you need to make RTI and all other websites believe that you are located in the Ivory Coast.

Make RTI believe that you are in Ivory Coast

To “fake” your location you will need to connect to a server in the Ivory Coast. That is where HideMyAss, a VPN provider comes to help you. They have servers in more than 70 nations worldwide, and as you connect to one of their servers in the Ivory Coast, you will be given an Ivorian IP address, which again will result in you being able to watch RTI and geo-blocked broadcasts from all across the globe.

So, to watch RTI from abroad, these are the steps you need to make:

  • Sign up for HideMyAss and download their VPN client.
  • Connect to a server in Ivory Coast and restart your browser.
  • Visit and enjoy the show!

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