Watch SRF on Android and iOS from abroad

If you try to watch SRF on your Android or iOS device from abroad you might get an error message looking something like this: “Aus rechtlichen Gründen steht dieses Video nur innerhalb der Schweiz zur Verfügung.

Have you seen the error message? Or maybe you have gotten an error message saying that there seems to be some technical error at the moment. Let us ask you a question… are you located outside Switzerland? That is probably your main problem and challenge, but luckily there is a way to get rid of the error messages so that you can start watching SRF on your Android or iOS device instead.

srf on android and ioS

Aus rechtlichen Gründen steht dieses Video nur innerhalb der Schweiz zur Verfügung. – Es gibt gerade technische Schwierigkeiten.
Are you getting one of these error message and find yourself to be outside Switzerland?

Above you can see screenshots of the different error messages we got as we tried to watch SRF online in the SRF application for Android from outside Switzerland. Well, what did we do to solve the problem?

If you have a Windows computer or Mac we have already written an article on how to watch SRF from abroad. But, on Android it seems as if the solution might be a bit different, because to get it working you need to do as follows.

Watch SRF on Android and iOS from abroad

SRF on Android

To get this working you need to visit the IPVanish website and sign up for their services. Once this is done you need to download the IPVanish client from the Google Play Store or from Apple Store. Then you connect to a server in Switzerland and once you are connected you need to close the SRF application completely and start it over again.


If you have done so you should now be able to watch SRF without trouble or error messages. It worked for us and here you can see a new screenshot showing what it looked like with the error messages gone!

If you want to to give this method a try visit the IPVanish website above and sign up. They do have a seven day full refund policy, meaning that you will not risk anything giving this method a try.

And do not forget that SRF is a brilliant channel and among the best in Europe, especially when it comes to sports. On SRF you can for example watch UEFA Euro championships online, you can watch FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics and lots of other great events online, so do not miss out on this. We in fact find SRF to be so fantastic, that this is one of our favorite places to watch sports. The only minus is that the commentators speak German, which is not so perfect if you do not understand that language. Give it a try anyway!

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