What is Bitgert? Should I buy BRISE tokens? Is Bitgert a scam? Read this before you invest!

There are just thousands upon thousands of cryptocurrencies that you can buy on the market right now. Some of them are fantastic, some are average, while some are crappy. Certain projects have great teams and developers, some have great, but anonymous developers, and some just use copy and paste and rename the project and launch it on the same or some other blockchain. But, what is the truth about Bitgert?

Have you ever seen an add presenting Bitgert as the big Ethereum killer? Or maybe you have read that Bitgert is the blockchain that makes Vitalik Buterin fear and sleep bad at night? Is that really so? Is Bitgert such an awesome project that just makes all the other blockchain developers have trouble sleeping or take Xanax in order to fall asleep as night?

bitgert the new ethereum

Some general information about Bitgert

Bitgert, formerly known as Bitrise, has been around since August 2021. It had a slow growth at first, but then by the start of November 2021, things started to accelarate.

Bitgert and their token BRISE has been available on Binance Smart Chain, and you can still buy it on Pancakeswap, the number one DEX on BSC. But, you can also buy BRISE on exchanges such as Gate.io and Bibox.

bitgert chart

Above you can see the price development since the inception of the BRISE token. But, when judging a project we all know that the price doesn’t really give us any guarantees. Scam projects are often mooning more than all other projects, while legit projects often have much slower curves and pumps.

Bitgert is currently moving more and more to their very own blockchain, Brise Chain, and they are constantly boosting about new projects and protocols launching on their chain. Besides this, they also say that they are the cheapest blockchain to use (nearly no gas fees at all), and it is also supposed to be super fast. All this sounds great, doesn’t it?

The Brise Chain launched in February 2022, and even though it isn’t completely free, it is still very cheap. It is fast, but not blazing fast in a way that makes Avalanche and Fantom seem like snails competing with a Ferrari.

The many red flags of Bitgert

I have tried to do some research to learn more about Bitgert, and I have also read many other Bitgert reviews and articles. The trick is that many crypto projects spread knowledge about their own protocols through press releases. These are written by themselves, but they pay to have them published on portals sharing news about cryptocurrencies. It is in articles such as those that you can hear of Bitgert as the Ethereum killer and the cryptocurrency that makes Vitalik Buterin sleep bad at night. But, these are not written by objective writers, but as articles paid to be published on different pages by the Bitgert team.

When you start to look for neutral sources that write about Bitgert, you will quickly discover that many of them are extremely critical. Why is that?

Who has developed/created Bitgert? Who is leading the project right now?

There is a page on the Bitgert website that is supposed to be present the team. But, that page isn’t currently showing any information, meaning that there is no official information about who is behind the blockchain.

But, earlier there was this big collage presenting different team members of the project. It looked like this.

bitgert development team

These images and names could be found on the BItgert website earlier, but they have now been removed. As I asked them in the live chat on their website about the team, I was given an answer that Shiba and Bitcoin also have anonymous developers.

the bitgert team is anonymous

But, if the developers and team are anonymous… why did they publish a list of six developers with images earlier, only to remove them and say that they are anonymous? Many people have also said that the original team members published on the website have no connections to real people on LinkedIn, and many aspects might point in the direction of them being computer generated (and not real people).

Once again -> Why would they first publish names and pictures of developers, only to say some months later that they are anonymous, just like Bitcoin and Shiba?

Publishing articles that have no base in reality

Have you ever seen ads claiming that Vitalik Buterin fears Bitgert? Do you know what? I am quite sure Vitalik Buterin hasn’t even heard of Bitgert. And that is the problem. They are using many ads and titles in order to make it sound attractive, when what they are claiming has no foundation in reality.

Not endorsed by any big names in crypto

This is also very important to understand. A new cryptocurrency or project or blockchain will often get its value from partnerships and big players endorsing the projects. During the first days of StrongBlock, they received a big push after a tweet by Roger Ver (Bitcoin Cash founder), and it gave credibility to the project, besides the fact that David Moss was the CEO.

What do we know about Bitgert and their partnerships and big players? Nothing at all!

These are just some immediate thoughts about Bitgert based on a couple of hours of research. The research done for this article was actually done as we read about the cryptocurrency and wondered whether it is worth investing in ourselves. Based on what we have discovered, our answer is NO!

What are your thoughts about Bitgert and the BRISE token? Have you invested in the blockchain? Are you rather investing in some other cryptocurrency? We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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