What is STEPN HP (Health Points)? How much does it cost to restore HP to 100%?

It has been a while since I wrote my last article about STEPN, but here I am at it once again. My last post was about the Mystery Boxes in STEPN, and there are actually lots of people reading it every single day. But, you are probably here right now to learn more about the Health Points (HP) in STEPN. What is this all about? How much does it cost to restore your HP to 100%? In this article, I will try to answer as many HP questions as possible.

I will simply try to ask and answer the most asked questions about the health points in STEPN in this article. If you have further questions, comments, or answers, please use the comment field at the bottom of this article.

STEPN Health Points overview

STEPN Health Points – All you need to know.

Where can I find official information about the Health Points in STEPN?

If you look for official information, the best place to go is the STEPN Whitepaper. You can find the section about the HP system right here.

There was no HP system before July 2022. Why did STEPN introduce it?

The HP system was introduced for several reasons. Many users did not like it as it eats up large parts of the income they generate actually using STEPN. You cannot sell a sneaker unless the HP is at 100%. This forces people to repair the HP of their sneakers, meaning that GST is spent in the process. In addition to GST, you also have to use COMFORT gems, meaning that the value of the COMFORT gems has increased. It is all a part of the game, making sure that more value stay within the game instead of users cashing out.

Can I make the HP decay slower?

The resilience value will increase the durability of your sneaker, making it cheaper to repair after every exercise. To make your HP decay slower, you need as high comfort value as possible. In other words, the comfort attribute has received its first purpose in the game (until GMT earning is released).

It should also be mentioned that higher sneaker quality makes the HP decay slower, meaning that an Uncommon sneaker will perform better than a Common sneaker, and a Rare sneaker will be better than an Uncommon sneaker.

What will happen if I never repair my HP?

If you do not repair your Health Points, you will be unable to sell your sneaker. If the HP goes below 20%, it cannot be used to provide energy in that realm. Should you HP go to 0%, you cannot use it for exercising anymore.

How can I restore the HP of my STEPN sneaker for free?

The creators of STEPN has given all users the chance to restore the HP of their sneaker for free. This will happen when you level up your sneaker from level 24 to level 25 (automatically). If you have a sneaker level 25 or higher, there is nothing you can do to get the free HP restore. If your sneaker is below level 25, you should maybe consider leveling it up to 25 as the HP starts to decrease.

How much does it cost to restore your HP to 100%?

Maybe you want to sell your sneaker? Or maybe it is time to restore the HP since you continuously use the sneaker? How much does it cost to restore the HP of your sneaker? Below you can see an illustration created by @visionaryxxii on Twitter.

restore HP in STEPN

As you can see, the price of restoring HP will increase with the quality of your sneaker. Not only will you have to pay more GST, but you will also need better gems to get the job done.

I suggest that you look through the information about. It is worth finding the best timing and solution for restoring the HP of your sneaker. It is not worth doing daily, but it might not be worth waiting for too longer either. Do some math and find the best solution for you based on the type of sneaker that you have and use.

Will the HP decrease for the sneakers giving energy?

Let us say that you have 9 sneakers in your inventory, but you only use one sneaker for your daily exercise. Will all your sneakers experience HP decay or only the sneaker in use?

The only sneaker that will experience HP decay is the sneaker you use.

Do you have any other questions about STEPN and the Health Points system?

I have tried to answer as many questions as possible above. If you have any further comments or questions, please write them below.

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