What is my IP address?

What is my IP address?

Are you wondering what your current IP address is? Look no further, just look a bit down beneath this introduction text and you will find out what your actual IP address and location is at the moment. This tool will not only let you find out your personal IP address, but you can also get information about other IP addresses. If you add an IP address to the tool you will be able to find the location of the person/server with that IP address and you can also find the ISP of the IP.

Your current IP address

This information will be used by many websites to recognize who you are and your current location. Some sites use this information to block content from you, but with VPN solutions you can easily get another IP address in the same nation or a new IP address in another nation of the world.

The location you will see on the map is normally not your personal location, but the location of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). As someone look up your IP address they will therefore not see your exact location, but they will be able to get some leads to where you are located (if you use one of many VPN tools they will though not be able to find out anything about your actual whereabouts).

What is the IP address of my website?

What is the IP address of my server?

If you are a webmaster you might be interested in knowing more about the IP address and location of the server where your sites are located. Or maybe you are interested in the location of your competitor’s servers? It is said that Google looks upon your server IP when it measures the worth of an inbound link. This means that if you have lots of incoming links from sites with the same IP/location, they will understand that these are most likely your own links, making them lose worth compared to links from another site. Use the tool above to get wiser and get the IP information you are looking for.

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