What to watch on Amazon Prime in December 2018?

Groundhog Day on AmazonAre you looking for advice on what to stream on Amazon Prime in December 2018? We have created this little video presenting five series and movies that we believe you will have a good time watching.

It is always hard to create a list of highlights on Amazon Prime. Normally there are a few good movies added, and if they are good, they are very old. Now, that is nice, but Amazon Prime is normally entirely blockbuster free. However, more and more Amazon originals are produced, and many of these are brilliant productions. The same is true in December 2018, as the main highlights on Amazon Prime in December 2018 are the original productions.

What I look forward to the most in Amazon Prime in December 2018 is probably the Amazon Original movie named Life Itself, and the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The first is a typical family drama series, created by the man behind This Is Us. The latter is a comedy series about an artist and comedian, but she isn’t the normal one, first of all, because she is a lady!

Take a look at the following video to see a short introduction of the biggest Amazon Prime highlights in December 2018.

Have you looked at the video? Do you look forward to the same titles, or maybe something else?

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