Why can’t I find the PeacockTV application in Google Play Store?

Have you opened Google Play Store on your Android device and determined to download and install the PeacockTV application on your device? But, your enthusiasm quickly tore into pieces as you were unable to find the PeacockTV application. What happened? Why are you unable to find the PeacockTV application in Play Store? What went wrong?

A couple of minutes ago you thought it was going to be very easy.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for PeacockTV.
  • Download the application.
  • Watch all your favorite PeacockTV content.

But, by the time you are reading this, you already have high blood pressure and don’t understand what went wrong. I am about to help you!

peacocktv application for android
Instead of seeing the PeacockTV application in Google Play Store, you see an image looking something like what you can see below.
peacocktv app is not in Google Play Store
You are unable to find the PeacockTV application in the Google Play Store. Instead, you see all sorts of other stuff.

Why are you unable to find PeacockTV in Google Play Store?

Did you know that PeacockTV only is available to people in the United States? As a consequence, the application is only made available to people with a Google account registered in the USA. If you live in Italy and created your account while in Italy, your Google account is most likely registered as an Italian Google account.

If you create a Google account while in the USA, but later add a payment card issued elsewhere in the world, your Google account will most likely follow the location of your payment card.

When new applications are registered and added to Google Play Store, the creators can define in which countries the application should be available. For PeacockTV, that is set to people in the United States. Unless you have an American Google account, you will not see PeacockTV as you search for it in the Play Store.

What can you do about that? What is the solution?

Solution 1 – Download the PeacockTV application manually to your device.

This is the easiest way to solve the problem. It means that you download and install the application manually on your device instead of downloading it from the Google Play Store. It normally isn’t recommended to download programs from unknown sources. For that reason, it is blocked by default on Android devices. In order to install PeacockTV manually, you have to do the following.

  • Go to APKMirror and download the newest version of the PeacockTV application.
  • Install the PeacockTV application on your Android device.

If you receive a warning as you try to install the application after downloading, change the settings on your Android device to allow the installation of programs from unknown sources, and run the installation file once again afterward.

This is the easiest solution, but there is another awesome way to solve the problem as well.

peacocktv application on apkmirror

Solution 2 – Create a brand new Google account in the USA.

It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. In order to watch PeacockTV, you need an American IP address because the programs are only available to people located in the USA. It isn’t enough to have the PeacockTV application on your Android device, you also need to be located in the USA. In order for that to work, I recommend that you use the VPN services of Surfshark. This is a cheap, but awesome VPN provider!

Now that you have a VPN installed on your Android device (Surfshark), connect to a server in the United States. Turn off the GPS on your system and create a brand new Gmail address. Set your location to the United States. That isn’t enough. Now it is time to buy a Gift Card for the American Google Play Store. You can buy such gift cards on eBay.

When you have received your gift card, go to your brand new Google account and redeem your gift card. You now have an American Google Play account with USD on your account. This account will now forever remain American. As you once again open Google Play Store on your Android device, make sure to use your brand new Google account as you search for PeacockTV.

You can now find, download, and install all the applications available in the Google Play Store in the United States (including PeacockTV).

Do not forget to have your VPN connection running while connected to a server in the United States throughout the entire process.

awesome content on peacocktv

Two final pieces of advice!

You have managed to install PeacockTV on your Android device. Congratulations. Now I just want to remind you of two things that are very important.

  1. You always need to have your Surfshark application running and connected to a server in the United States to watch PeacockTV content abroad. The application in itself is awesome, but unless you have an American IP address, you cannot stream your preferred content.
  2. Even though you use a VPN, you will most likely see an error message saying: “It looks like you don’t meet the US roaming rules.” To solve this, do the following.
    1. Turn on flight mode on your Android device.
    2. Enable WiFi on your device and connect to your local network.
    3. Open Surfshark and connect to a server in the USA.
    4. Restart the PeacockTV application on your device.
    5. You are now ready to watch PeacockTV on your Android device worldwide.

That’s it. I hope you will have a fantastic time streaming PeacockTV content on your Android device. It might have taken some minutes to solve the problem as you couldn’t find the PeacockTV application in Google Play Store, but now you know everything worth knowing.

If you still have any comments or questions, please use the comment field below.

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