The Winter Olympics blowing away

I am so happy that I am watching the Winter Olympics from home. In Pyeongchang it is snowing, and even more crucial, it is blowing like crazy!

Yesterday they had to evacuate the Olympic village because of the wind, but luckily things are better today. Right now I am watching biathlon, and it has been a beautiful competition, without any wind trouble. Will Martin Fourcade win yet another gold medal? In less than 15 minutes we will know the answer!

eurosport olympics

Are you watching the Winter Olympics online? I am watching it on Eurosportplayer. I am switching between different regions from time to time, because it is so much cooler to watch competitions listening to commentators cheering for their own athletes.

At the last shooting for Martin Fourcade missed twice, meaning that he shot the gold medal, and now he has to fight to get on the podium at all.

The Winter Olympics is fantastic to watch, and if you want to stream the Winter Olympics online, check the article.

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