100 reasons to get a VPN

There are tons of reasons why a VPN subscription will do you good. The topic of this article is “100 reasons to get a VPN”, but it is very likely that there will be many more than 100 reasons listed with time in this article.

Maybe you first got a VPN subscription because you needed an IP address in another nation. That is great, but if you first have a VPN subscription make sure to use it to the max, and that is what this article is about. Find out all the stuff your current VPN subscription can do for you.

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[stextbox id=”info”]This article is currently in the making, so be patient and keep coming back until all 100 reasons have been added. And once we have added 100 reasons, we will probably keep adding until we reach 200 reasons![/stextbox]

Use your VPN subscription to the max

VPN and security

  • Connect to a VPN server and protect your confidential information online. Use it as often as possible, and encrypt all your online activity.
  • Connect to a server nearby (if possible), as this will cause the least lack of speed, compared to connecting to a VPN server far away.
  • Use OpenVPN protocol for 256-bit encryption.
  • Encrypt your online phone calls (using for example Skype). These can fairly simply be hacked, but a VPN will secure your connection.
  • If you do torrenting or do other activities online that you do not want people to be able to trace back to you, a VPN will help you stay private.

Avoid restrictions and blocks

  • Many companies, schools and universities block websites from their employees. Using a VPN will work as a tunnel out from that network, and what has been blocked earlier, will turn open to you again after connecting to a VPN server outside your current network.
  • More and more countries block websites from their citizens. Recently Turkey blocked Twitter and YouTube, and there are lots of similar examples worldwide. Through connecting to a VPN server outside your nation you will bypass such regulations and blocks, and once again you will be able to enjoy the full freedom of the Internet.

Watch online using your VPN

Listen to music with your VPN subscsription

  • If you live in a country where Spotify is unavailable, you can change your IP address to a country in which Spotify is available, and thus you can sign up and listen to Spotify for free.
  • If you have a free Spotify account in a nation, it will turn unavailable as you go abroad. Use your VPN subscription to get an IP address again in your home nation, also when abroad, and thus you can use your free Spotify account all across the world.

Some TV channels you can watch using VPN

  • NRK in Norway
  • TV2 in Norway (you need special subscription though for this from the provider).
  • SVT in Sweden
  • TV4 in Sweden (you need special subscription in addition)
  • DR in Denmark
  • TV2 in Denmark (requires special subscription)
  • YLE in Finland
  • Katsomo in Finland
  • ITV in the UK
  • BBC in the UK
  • Channel 4 in UK
  • RTE in Ireland
  • RTL in Germany
  • DasErste in Germany
  • France 2 in France
  • TF1 in France
  • RTVE in Spain
  • Rai in Italy
  • MTV in Hungary
  • ORF in Austria
  • ATV in Austria
  • TVN in Poland
  • Ceska Televizie in Czech Republic
  • FOX, CBS and NBC in the USA
  • SIC in Portugal
  • and lots and lots of more channels!

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