11 awesome titles on Netflix Canada right now!

Are you looking for something to stream on Netflix in Canada? Do you live in Canada? Are you using a VPN to access Canadian Netflix? No matter who you are and where you are located, here you have ten tips for what to stream on Netflix Canada right now.

Maybe you are living in quarantine and isolating yourself from the world? As a result, you have plenty of time and just want to kill some hours to make time pass by while watching something cool on Netflix? Well, I have already given some pieces of advice on what to stream on Netflix during the coronavirus, but if you want some specific tips on what to stream on Canadian Netflix right now, this is the article for you.

11 awesome movies and tv shows on netflix canada

If you like the sound of the list, but don’t know how to stream Canadian Netflix abroad yet, just click the link to find out how it can be done in a very easy way.

But, let us get started. I will share some tips about movies and TV shows of all kinds. If you just want hardcore action, that is what I will give you. If you want a TV series that will give you the chance to stay in front of your TV for a couple of days, then that is what I will recommend to you. The only thing I will not recommend is Netflix original series. After all, they can be found on Netflix everywhere, so I will skip them in this list. Here I will tell you about some great TV series and movies that only can be found on Canadian Netflix (most likely), and it gives you a fantastic reason to stream exactly these.

I might be mistaken, meaning that you will find some of the movies and TV shows on Netflix in other countries, but I will try to emphasize and highlight content that you can find on Netflix Canada, but not in many other countries worldwide.

11 awesome titles to stream on Canadian Netflix right now

Let’s get started with five TV shows, before I continue with six TV series. Are you ready?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the super-popular cop comedy that was originally made by FOX, but after five seasons, NBC continued the production. The seventh season has just ended, and the only country in which you can stream all seven seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix is in Canada. The episodes are short (only 20 minutes), but considering that there are seven seasons, you will still need some days to stream all of this.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy series, meaning that it has some action, but it is a 100% comedy without violence, sex, and other stuff. One of few family friendly TV series worth watching!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine NEtflix

Schitt’s Creek

Can you imagine being a family that has it all. But, then in the next second, you have nothing! Well, that is what is happening in Schitt’s Creek. But, luckily the family has a little piece left… Schitt’s Creek. This is a junk place worth nothing, but when the family goes to this place to start a living, things are about to get funny. Yet another great comedy show on Canadian Netflix that will make you laugh and give you some great hours and days in front of the TV. This is a Canadian show in the first place, something that might sound especially attractive to those currently living outside Canada.

Book Club Netflix

Lethal Weapon

Do you love the action movies in the Lethal Weapon series? What about streaming a TV series from FOX Network about the same characters, just in a 40-minute TV series kind of way. Every little episode is a new crime story, and Murtaugh and Riggs are back to solve the trouble. Riggs is doing a great job keeping up the tempo from how we remember Mel Gibson back in the days. But, after season two some big changes are coming up, because it seems as if Riggs in the series also has trouble in his personal life, making his fellowship quite destroying for the rest of the actors.

Lethal Weapon Netflix

Lee Daniels’ Star

This is a TV series with lots of music. A girl is moving to a new city to start a new life, and to follow her dream about becoming a singer. Of course, life isn’t as easy as she hoped for and expected, and in Star, we will follow her life and the life of her best friends. This is a drama show for those who want to skip out on the action.

Star on Netflix


This is a mini-series currently available on Netflix in Canada and in the United States. It is about a sectarian leader who leads his followers into death. What is really happening? And why are his followers really so ready to go into certain death because of what they believe in? This is an interesting story, a case study, and a documentary at the same time.

Those were five TV series currently worth streaming on Netflix in Canada. Would you rather just watch a movie? Here you have six movies that I can currently recommend on Netflix Canada.

Deadpool 2

Have you noticed how many people enjoy crazy humor and strange memes during the coronavirus? We all have a distorted humor in these days, and that is why Deadpool 2 might be a perfect choice to stream on Netflix Canada. Ryan Reynolds is one of the strangest and most bizarr super-heroes, and he is brutal and speaks a really ugly language. But, people love him. Would you like a good piece of action and violence, combined with crazy humor? Go ahead! Stream Deadpool 2 on Netflix.

Deadpool on Netflix Canada


Would you like to return to your childhood when Transformers was one of the coolest things in the world? Well, you don’t have to return to your childhood, because there are quite a lot of Transformers movies on Netflix. The newest in the series, however, is the story about Bumblebee who comes to earth to create a place for the autobots after their former base had been destroyed. Bumblebee, however, doesn’t remember a thing and he almost ends up dead. But, that is when a teenager girl find him formed as a beetle, and a friendship develops.

Bumblebee on Netflix


Do you feel as if life is too serious, and you just want a movie that will give you a chance to laugh? It is time to stream Tag on Netflix. It is a comedy that tells the story of a group of friends who every year in May play this game in which they are to tag one another. The one who is tagged now has the task of tagging the others. But, in this group of friends, there is one person who has never been tagged. Will they finally manage to tag him?

Tag Netflix


Would you rather watch a movie that reminds you of the world we are living in today? Contagion can be streamed on Netflix in quite a lot of countries, and Canada is one of them. A virus is about to spread, and it seems to be very hard to stop it. There is a constant hunt for those infected, and for stopping it from spreading to new people and areas.

Contagion Netflix

Back to the Future

One of the most legendary movies ever made is Back to the Future. Well, know you can stream the first two movies in the Back to the Future series on Netflix in Canada. Get ready to meet Marty McFly and the crazy professor as they travel in time. This is one of the most brilliant movies (trilogy) ever made, and it is just crazy to see how the past and the future is influenced by what we do in the present time. Back to the Future is family friendly, meaning that it is perfect for a nice family evening in front of the TV.

Back to the Future Netflix

Book Club

Were you an adult at the time when Back to the Future was released? Well, then you are even older right now, and maybe you don’t long to stream action and crazy modern comedies like the ones I have mentioned earlier in the article. Maybe Book Club is for you. Here you will meet Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, who are part of a book club. In this month, they are reading Fifty Shades of Grey together. How will this influence their lives and their discussions?

Lady Driver – A Final Bonus

A final little bonus to the girls out there who work in areas where there are way more men. Lady Driver tells about a girl who wants to follow in the footsteps of her dad (who unfortunately died), but she isn’t really welcomed among the car drivers. In a way, the story seems to remind me of quite a lot of the story in Bumblebee. However, Lady Driver is without robots, but instead, it will be packed with cool driving, repairing cars, and maybe a piece of romance as well?

Lady Driver Netflix

Those were actually 12 titles that I can warmly recommend on Netflix in Canada right now. Have I inspired you? Did you find any of the titles interesting? I would love to hear from you!

If you have any other tips about what to stream on Netflix Canada right now, write a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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