How to watch Vikings season 5 on Netflix?

Vikings season 6 has premiered on TV in the United States, but those using Netflix to stream this popular TV show still has a hard time getting access to the fifth season. So, how and where can you stream Vikings season 5 on Netflix? I am about to let you know! Vikings is a phenomenal Read More

Orion Relocation Services – The Blacklist is getting more and more interesting!

Yesterday, I got to watch the most recent episode of The Blacklist, Orion Relocation Services. It was a blast of an episode, and finally I feel as if we are getting somewhere with the complicated story and relationships between Elizabeth Keen, Raymond Reddington, and Katarina Rostova. Based on the promo of the episode I saw Read More

A fantastic animated Christmas movie on Netflix

Are you looking for a fantastic Christmas movie to watch with your kids on Netflix? You might look for productions from big companies, but if you want a fantastic evening, go ahead and watch the Netflix original production named Klaus instead. Klaus is a Netflix original production that was released in November 2019. I am Read More

How, where and what to stream on Netflix for Christmas in 2019!

I have already bought quite a lot of Christmas presents and I am really looking forway to the holiday itself. But, what am I going to watch on my TV to get even more of the blessed Christmas spirit into my home? Will Netflix serve me well during the holidays, or will they remind me Read More

Dr. Lewis Powell – The latest episode of The Blacklist

A new week has passed by, and I have streamed one more episode of The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix. The NBC series is one of my favorite series nowadays, and even though it is running in season 7, I still find great joy in watching the events and see the story unfold. The sixth Read More