15 products on AliExpress that will make coronavirus isolation easier for families!

Families who haven’t had much time to be together earlier, are suddenly spending all their days together because of the coronavirus. Are you a father or a mother, or maybe a grandparent who is out there looking for suggestions on what to do? Are you looking for products that will help time fly and make your kids happy? Here you have some awesome suggestions that will make everyone happy at home.

You will for sure not find all the suggestions as amusing, but I believe some of these will become real hits in your home if you give them a try. Let’s start!

Let Picasso come forth!

Doesn’t it sound cool to paint pictures, just like the pros? There are lots of DIY (do it yourself) paintings available at AliExpress, and you can copy famous paintings just by following the numbers and using the paint coming in the package. It is really awesome, very cool, and there are good options both for adults and for kids.

How fast are you?

An amazing game for old and young is Dobble. If you do a quick search for Dobble on AliExpress, you will find all sorts of opportunities, also known as Spot It. On each Dobble card you will find 7-8 symbols, and there will at always be one similar symbol on all cards placed on the table. Who is the fastest to discover the similar cards? This is an amazing game, and children from 4 years are fully capable of playing it. And be aware, children are often way better at this game than the adults.

Family friendly activity on AliExpress

Dixit – How well do you know one another?

Have you ever played Dixit? This is yet another family-friendly game, and it is suitable for kids from 5-6 years and up. What do you think of when you see an image? And if you tell your association, will other people understand that you are the one who thinks of that when you see that specific image? This is a fantastic game that will let your imagination fly and a good way of understanding better what’s going on in the heads of others.

Dixit -- Family Friendly activity

Throw ball (outdoor)

If you have a garden, it is amazing to spend some time out in the fresh air, especially when in quarantine when you cannot really walk the streets up and down all the time. So, why not buy a catch paddle game set where you can throw the ball to one another and catch them with the cool “catcher”?

Catch Ball - buy at aliexpress

Let your creativity out with Lego blocks

There are lots of awesome lego blocks produced in China. These are not the original Lego blocks, but they mostly have the same quality and can easily be used. So, why not buy a big bag of lego bricks and construct whatever you want to? There are big selections of all sorts of blocks available at AliExpress, and you can also find small figures if you want to have someone to play with when in quarantine/isolation.

Lego blocks on AliExpress

Make chocolate and eat it!

Even though you shouldn’t eat too much chocolate when in quaratine (since most of us don’t get to move a lot), it can still be a cool activity to create chocolate in all sorts of shapes. So, why not by some chocolate molds and create heart shaped chocolates? Or maybe you want to create chocolate in the shape of fishes? You can find all sorts of shapes on AliExpress, some made from silicone, while others are made from polycarbonate (which is what the professionals use). You will need to buy the chocolate yourself, then melt it, and pour it into the forms, and the fun is on. This is a nice family activity for everyone.

Chocolate Molds

Play with balloons!

Everyone loves balloons… except for those who hate them. But, kids love them, and it is fun just playing around with them. If you add some water to the balloon and throw it at a sister, brother, mother, or father, it can be really amusing as well. So, why not order some set of balloons and have fun inside or out in the garden? If you have a birthday party coming up, you will also find lots of celebration balloons.

Buy Balloons for the quaratine

Maybe a new tablet?

When everyone is at home, it might be challenging to let everyone watch their favorite show at the same time. So, maybe an additional tablet will help you let your kids watch their favorite shows, or maybe give you some peace while the kids are out running around. There are all sorts of brands available at AliExpress, and you will find famous brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi, but also less famous brands.


Get your own greenhouse

Would you like to create your own vegetables from seeds? Would you like to have your very own greenhouse? You don’t have to imagine a giant greenhouse, because you can just as well buy small containers with a plastic lid on the top. Just check the image below for a suggestions and possibility. Find a greenhouse in the size you want and get started.

Mini Greenhouse

Grow potatoes at home

Would you like to supply yourself with potatoes? Then you should consider buying a grow yourself potato bag. It is extremely easy to use, and it is smartly invented. There are bags available in several sizes at AliExpress, so look around, and get ready to grow some potatoes on your own.

Grow potatoes during the coronavirus quarantine

Buy some clothes

An important part of our culture today is shopping. So, what are you going to do when in your coronavirus quarantine, when you cannot visit your local mall? Why not shop some clothes at AliExpress? Maybe you are worried about bad quality, but after all, most of the clothes we buy are made in China anyway… You can find all sorts of clothes, not only for adults, but also for kids, so look around and go shopping online.

Clothes on AliExpress

Who will cut your hair when in isolation?

For many of us, going to a hairdresser is something we cannot do. So, who will cut your hair? Maybe a family member will have to cut your hair? Or maybe you will have to cut the hair of your kids? Why not buy all the accessories you need in order to be come a hairdresser in your own home? At AliExpress, you can find all sorts of hair cutters, including professional tools from Xiaomi and more.

Cut your own hair in quarantine

Did your hair turn into a catastrophe?

Did you just let another family member cut your hair? Does your head look like a catastrophe? Then it is time to purchase a wig. Maybe you mean it seriously, or maybe you just want to give it a try, for fun? There are all sorts of wigs available at AliExpress. But, to be honest, by the time the delivery will arrive at your door from China, your hair will most likely grow out again. But, if you like the sound of the idea, give it a try.


Time to repair broken things at home

Adults love to fix things in their houses, and including the kids in this process can actually be helpful and useful, for everyone. So, why not order a screwdriver and all the accessories you need in order to fix all those stuff at home waiting to be fixed?


Buy a cool face mask

Governments all around the world order face masks and other stuff from China these days. So, why shouldn’t you order a mask from China as well? But, not those boring ones? Instead, order an Xiaomi face-mask and get ready to walk out safely. Of course, you would need to cover your eyes as well in order to be completely safe, but a good face mask will at least help you.

Face mask

I hope you have enjoyed all these ideas and that you will find something interesting worth buying that will make life in your COVID-19 quarantine easier. If you are bored of waiting for your order to arrive, take a look at our recommendations of movies to watch on Netflix during your coronavirus quarantine.

You cannot buy a VPN on AliExpress, but if you want to know more about the best VPNs for the COVID-19, click the link.

I wish you all some happy shopping. If you have further recommendations, ideas, or thoughts, write them all in the comment field.

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