How can I earn money publishing articles?

Would you like to get an income from publishing articles? Where can it be done? There are several ways and options for those who like to make money by writing content, and here I will just give you two easy ideas. One of them requires absolutely nothing, while the other takes a bit more.

When we speak about earning money by writing articles, it is very different what kind of expectations people have. Some dream of making thousands of dollars a week by writing, while others would be satisfied just making a few dollars a week. After all, what you can actually buy for one dollar can be very different in the different nations of the world. So, while someone in Switzerland will not feel any big joy making 3-4 dollars a week, a person in Venezuela might actually earn enough to get food on the table for the upcoming week. So, let us look at the options that I am about to describe to you.

The easy way – Get started immediately with Hive/Steem

The first option is blogging on a platform named Steem/Hive. These are actually two different platforms, but they are built on the same system and they are very similar. You can read more about the difference between Hive and Steem right here.

What are these platforms about? It is very simple! You register a user, and you will immediately be given a wallet. This wallet lives from the first second, and now you can just write and publish articles on the platforms. You will, by default, earn nothing on your articles. But, since everything you write is made public, all the other people using the platform will have the chance to see it. And if they see it, read it, and like it, they will actually let you earn money as they upvote your content.

Making money on Hive

How do I get people to upvote my content?

The most important is to write high-quality content. And guess what, there are lots of people on the platform constantly on the look for new and high-quality content. So who knows, maybe you will be discovered by some, and suddenly, you will have made a couple of dollars. There are also so-called curation groups. They have lots of followers, and as they discover your post and give it a vote, you will also receive votes from lots of other users at the same time.

Not only are these platforms good for publishing, but you can also get in contact with likeminded people, and build a network.

Want to check it out?

We are also publishing content on both platforms, and even though the goals isn’t always to earn a lot, it is always nice to see when people enjoy your content, upvote your content, and write comments and thoughts.

Another big plus with the platforms is that they are enjoying a good ranking in Google. As a result, your content will be faster indexed and you can quickly see readers finding your content, at least if it is good, interesting, and people actually look for the topics that you write about. It will, of course, be a competition with other websites. But, if you produce high-quality content with information people actually look for and are curious to learn more about, this is one of the best and easiest platforms to get started at.

How will I earn money on Steem/Hive?

When you publish an article, it will be alive and active for seven days. It will remain available for reading after that, but after seven days, the balance of the article is locked and you will receive your payout for all the votes you have received by then. It is important to notice that the curators also receive a payment, meaning that if you see the value of your article as 10 USD, your actual payment will most likely be around 5 USD. Isn’t that bad?

Maybe! But, it also gives you the chance to earn money yourself as a curator. If you vote for other peoples articles and they receive lots of votes, you can receive honor and payment as a good curator. The more money you have in your wallet, the more your vote will matter, and the higher the curation payment.

A solution with more responsibility – Fiverr

Have you heard about Fiverr? It is a website were anyone can start selling their own Gigs. What are you good at? Do you have a fabulous voice? Can you write poems? Or maybe you can immitate famous people? Or are you good at video editing? Anything and everything is possible and can be done on Fiverr.

Sit down for some hours and come up with ideas for what you can do and what you can sell on the platform. Once this is done, visit the website and get started. As blogging and writing are the focus of this article, take a look to find out how other people offer their services with writing. You can offer your services in writing if you have a certain field of expertise, or maybe you can translate content, or be a copywriter? There are lots of options, so you will for sure find a solution if you are interested.

  • The Fiverr website

Do you know why Fiverr is the name of the service? Because in the beginning, the price of most of the gigs were 5 USD. That was the minimum fee. It is still the minimum fee, but you will also see lots of gigs sold at much higher prices. So, set the value of your services and get started.

Earn money by working on Fiverr

It might be wise to check out with your competitors as well, in order not to overprice your product, but also not to underprice it. Find out what your gig is worth and start selling it. If you are good, this can actually give you a fabulous income that you can live from, not only in Venezuela, but also in other countries of the world.

We have used Fiverr several times to buy services, but the value of selling your services on the website should not be underestimated. Click the link above to visit the website and to get started.

Which is the best of the platforms?

If your dream is to earn a lot of money, I believe there is a bigger potential in selling your services at Fiverr. But, it comes with more responsibility and it requires more of you.

Do not forget, you can also use the combination of both platforms. Why not write about the services that you offer on Fiverr in an article on Steem or on Hive? It will for sure bring more interest to your gigs (if they are interesting), and it might also give you a good start on Steem/Hive. In fact, considering that the ranking of the domains are good, it might also make people find your gigs easier as they search for such services in Google, making it even easier to find you and give you an income.

So, get started. I wish you good luck!

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