4 new titles that just arrived on Netflix

So you are in the mood for watching a fantastic movie on Netflix? If you use a VPN you can easily get access to movies and TV series available in other countries than the one you are currently in, and that is why I would like to use this opportunity to tell you about 4 movies that were added to Netflix last week that is worth watching.

If you want to know more about the VPN that will help you watch all these movies on Netflix, check the following post on Reddit. But, which are the four movies I am about the recommend?

knives out on netflix

Connected – a Netflix original show

This looks like an amazing show for those who want to understand how different parts of the earth is connected to one another. It tells us about why the sand in Sahara is important to the rainforests in Brazil, and what is the connection between cloud storage and the actual clouds above us. These are just some of the interesting topics discussed in this Netflix original series that actually looks really awesome!

Bad Boys for Life

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are finally back again for one final Bad Boys movie. If you liked the first movies, you will for sure enjoy this one as well. If you disliked the first two movies, you might end up not watching this. But, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are fantastic together, so I can warmly recommend this for anyone interesting in a good action movie with lots of humor this evening.

You can watch this movie on Netflix in Singapore and in Thailand.

My Spy

Can you imagine this super-tough agent who is blowing up everything he touches? Now he has to watch out for a little girll, and it is not going to be easy for any of them. This is a comedy that might make you laugh and smile, and it is very suitable also for teenagers.

You can watch My Spy on Netflix in Sweden.

Knives Out

This is a fantastic detective movie packed with stars, and starring Daniel Craig as the famous detective coming to solve the murder or the case around the death of the father of a house. All the family members are gathered to take part in this, but who killed the man? Was it one of the family members? Or was it the maid? This is pure Poirot style… awesome!

You can watch Knives Out on Netflix in Japan.

Those were four movies I can warmly recommend to all of you on Netflix right now. I hope you will enjoy watching one or more of them. If you have personal recommendations, please let me know!

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