A mysterious tweet from Pundi X

Just a few minutes ago, the Pundi X team tweeted a kind of cryptic message, and already fans, supporters, investors, and everyone interested in the project is starting to grasp what the tweet was all about. Before continuing, let us take a look at the actual tweet.

If you take a look at the tweet above, there are several things you immediately will notice. First of all, they are really playing with the similarity to Game of Thrones. But, instead of Game of Thrones, they name it “Game of Cards.” This again could be playing with House of Cards as well, but in the end, we are served the Game of Cards.

As you probably know, we have all waited for a very long time to get Game of Thrones season 8, and in the same way, we have waited for a long time to hear more about the Pundi X cell phones and their Xpos system. The Xpos system is all about making crypto payments easier, not only for the end-users but also for stores and companies who want to receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

But, how will the terminals communicated with the world? Of course, using sim-cards. So the game of cards referred to in their recent tweet is probably telling us that they are getting finished with the product, and that the Xpos running phones and terminals are ready to be used and people can really start implementing and using this in real life.

We are still waiting for solid information from Pundi X Labs

Since there was no concrete information in their recent tweet, we are still only guessing and assuming based on their tweet. Lots of people have commented their most recent tweet with words like:

  • I don’t understand what this means…
  • Please explain more…

In other words, we are still standing in the shadows without really understanding what this mysterious tweet from Pundi X means. But, that we are getting closer to a mainstream working product, that is sure no matter what Pundi X meant with this tweet.

If you have any further thoughts or comments related to their tweet, or maybe you have some insight information related to this tweet or some other Pundi X activity, please write a comment and let us all know!

One thought on “A mysterious tweet from Pundi X

  1. bb says:

    Hopefully it means they are going to reduce their circulating supply and not make it a game of cards. Contrary to a large percent of the whole – they have a product, vision and a lot more of both coming. Circulating supply is a drag….

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