How to watch Ghosts (BBC series) online?

Ghosts is the name of a brand new BBC series that premiered on BBC in England on April 15th in 2019. It is a somewhat surprising TV series, because most people would expect it to be a horror series, but instead, Ghosts is listed as a comedy. Wonder why? Would you like to watch Ghosts online?

In Ghosts, we meet a young couple who doesn’t really have any money. So, what is their reaction once they hear that they have inherited a giant country house that they didn’t really deserve nor expect? They get really happy. But, there is a downside to it all… the house is inhabited by the ghosts of all those people who have lived in the house earlier. Doesn’t that sound scary? It sure does! But, it all turns upside down as the new owners don’t really care or don’t behave in the way everyone would expect them to.

The scary country house in Ghosts on BBC
The scary country house in Ghosts on BBC

So, while everyone else would get rid of the house and run off as quickly as possible, the two new owners behave in a very different way. Doesn’t that sound interesting? I guess you want to watch Ghosts as well right now. But, how and where can you watch Ghosts online?

These instructions will help you stream all seasons of Ghosts online, including the fourth season of Ghosts.

How to watch Ghosts online?

If you want to watch Ghosts online, the only streaming service giving you access to this TV show at the moment is BBC iPlayer. But, as you might know, BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK. If you try to watch Ghosts online or some other BBC program at the BBC iPlayer abroad, you will receive an error message like this.

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK - error message if you try to watch Ghosts online on BBC iPlayer abroad.
BBC iPlayer only works in the UK – error message if you try to watch Ghosts online on BBC iPlayer abroad.

But, what can you do to access BBC abroad? It is very easy!

The best VPN for BBC iPlayer
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Whenever you try to watch BBC, they do a check on your IP address. This is your digital address, and it will give information about your whereabouts to any website you visit. If BBC discovers that you are located outside England, you will receive an error message like the one you could see above.

A VPN provider like ExpressVPN will help you get a local IP address in England. But, it isn’t enough to use any VPN provider with English IP addresses, as 95% of all VPN providers are blocked by BBC iPlayer. As a result, ExpressVPN is the ideal solution if you want to watch Ghosts online on BBC iPlayer.

ExpressVPNand watch BBC iPlayer abroad

To get started, click the link above and sign up for the ExpressVPN service. Once this is done, download their VPN client to your computer, to your iPhone, to your iPad, to your Android TV, Fire TV, or maybe directly to your Google Chrome browser or your Firefox browser.

When you have the application ready, connect to a server in England. This will give you an English IP address working with BBC iPlayer, and now you need to restart your browser or the BBC iPlayer application.

You are now ready to watch Ghosts online on BBC iPlayer.

How to watch Ghosts from BBC online?
How to watch Ghosts from BBC online?

If you have followed these instructions, you are now ready to watch Ghosts online.

Frequently asked questions about streaming Ghosts online

When will Ghosts come to Netflix?

I have no knowledge about this yet, but if Ghosts will come to Netflix, I will do my best to update this article and let you know about it.

I still get the BBC iPlayer error when using ExpressVPN

If you still get the error message using ExpressVPN as you try to watch Ghosts online, you can do two things. Either you connect to a different ExpressVPN server in England, or you have to open your browser in Incognito mode/Privacy mode and watch it there. Either of these solutions should do the job.

Would you like to see how this works in practice? Take a look at the following video showing you how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

How can I turn on the subtitles when I watch Ghosts online?

It is very easy. Simply go to the lower right corner of the video, and there you will see a little box with some lines in it. Click this, and you will be able to setup the subtitles and make sure that you can see what is being said, not only hear it.

Is Ghosts scary? Is it family-friendly?

After watching the first episode, I have got to say that Ghosts isn’t scary at all. But, at the same time – it might feel scary for younger people as they are not used to ghosts at all, even if they are funny. So, I would be careful with the younger kids!

Do you need help watching Ghosts online?

If you still have some questions left about how you can stream Ghosts online after reading this article, please write a comment and I will do my best to answer and help you out as quickly as possible. I normally answer questions very fast, and if you ask something, I will do my best to answer quickly once again!

ghost season 4 online
Watch Ghosts season 1-4 on BBC iPlayer.

If you feel like, please share some of your thoughts about Ghosts as well. Do you like the show? Is it a new favorite, or did you watch one episode, and now you have already given up on it?

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