Bayern Munchen vs RasenBallsport Leipzig – Tonight!

What a start on this years Christmas celebration! Tonight at 20.00 it is time for the top match in the German Bundesliga between Bayern Munchen and RasenBallsport Leipzig!

Few people would have believed this to become a top match in the German Bundesliga on December 21st 2016, but if you take a look at the Bundesliga standings you will see that these are the top teams in the league. They both have 36 points after 15 matches, they have won 12, played draw twice and lost 1 match each. Tonight they will clash together at the Allianz Stadium in Munich, and it will be one crazy match. Most people of course believe this will end up with a win for Bayern Munchen, but we here in the IP Address Guide cheer for RasenBallsport Leipzig. They are a cool team, and it is so much cooler to follow the German Bundesliga when there is action at battle in the top. For that simple reason we also like the French Ligue 1 much more this season, after all PSG is not standing alone at the throne, they are only at third place, seven points behind Nice.

Watch Bayern Munchen vs RasenBallsport Leipzig
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So, what can we expect from the match between Bayern Munchen and RasenBallsport Leipzig tonight? We believe it will be a match where Bayern Munchen will own the ball most of the time, but as we have seen earlier RasenBallsport Leipzig can do well even in such matches, and they are very good at scoring the necessary goals which makes them win matches after 90 minutes. Can they do so again?

Watch Bayern Munchen vs RasenBallsport Leipzig

If you want to watch this nights match in the Bundesliga, or maybe some other match, follow our instructions on how you can watch the German Bundesliga online. There will be several other Bundesliga matches tonight as well, and many people are curious to see whether Hertha Berlin has started their time of decline, or will they manage to win matches again. Darmstadt is their opponent tonight coming to play against them at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Ingolstadt has also started to win matches lately and tonight they will play at home against Freiburg. Hoffenheim will play against Werder Bremen and FC Köln will play against Bayer Leverkusen.

We have a fantastic evening to look forward to and once the Bundesliga matches are finished you can switch website and watch French Ligue 1 online instead. As you switch channel you will then be able to see the second half from one of many Ligue 1 matches tonight. All the top teams in French Ligue 1 will play, so follow and cheer for your favorite team as you sit down to watch!

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