What to do if TikTok and WeChat are banned in the USA?

The debate has been going on for months, and TikTok and WeChat users in the United States are getting nervous. Will TikTok and WeChat end up being banned in the United States by the end of September 2020, or will the TikTok owners ByteDance be able to make a deal with an American company (Walmart/Oracle) Read More

Presearch no longer rewards you for searching with Google and Bing!

Presearch is a very cool cryptocurrency-based search platform. It rewards you with PRE tokens every time you search the net, meaning that you get paid for doing something that you would be doing with or without the reward. As a result, Presearch is a brilliant tool. Presearch has rewarded you, until now, for searching with Read More

Hacklock from Surfshark is now named Alert instead!

It was a cool coincidence that I received an email from SurfsharkVPN this morning telling me that their service HackLock has been renamed and is now called Alert instead. That in itself isn’t so interesting, but on the very same morning I received an email from Surfshark Alert that one of my email addresses and Read More