Popular YouTube content in September 2019

We frequently post new tutorials and videos to our YouTube channel. Not all videos and instructions get a lot of attention, but we still believe they are important. And let us not forget, if we create a video that is seen by two persons, but those two persons actually find the information they were looking Read More

Is www.airbnb.com.mt a scam?

Today, I wanted to visit Airbnb, but to my surprise, I was immediately transferred from www.airbnb.com to www.airbnb.com.mt. What is this? Has someone hacked the domain, or is this the new domain address for Airbnb? Are you worried? Time to find out what is going on! A typical way of hacking websites is by taking Read More

10Play and 9Now VPN block – [October 2019 Status]

Are you one of the many persons that complain about 10Play and 9Now in Australia blocking all the VPN providers out there. Have you been blocked from one of the providers? Are you looking for a VPN that works with 10Play and 9Now in Australia? Is there any VPN provider really working? Here you have Read More