Best Romantic Films on Netflix 2014

Are you looking for a good romantic film to watch on Netflix? Here you can see our top 10 romantic films available as of November 2014. If you want to watch these films you need a Netflix subscrpition, and if you do not have one, or are unable to watch Netflix because of your geographical location, find out how to watch Netflix online here.

Best Romantic Films on Netflix 2014

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
This is the follow up to the first Bridge Jones film (which unfortunately is not available at US Netflix at the moment), so hopefully you have already seen that one. In this follow up film the fight goes one between two gentlemen, for the embrace of Bridget Jones, played by Renee Zellweger.

Brigdet Jones on Netflix

Miss Pettigrew: Lives for a Day
Miss Pettigrew gets a very nice job working for a famous actress, and through this job she gets to see and experience a lot of glamour, and nice men. But, after all she is a big nothing, but maybe there is hope for her still?

Silver Linings
Pat is a really unstable guy, and after being released from prison he fights to get his former wife back, but while hunting down his former wife he meets another girl, even more unstable than himself, and that is when an untraditional and romantic story starts.

The classic above all classics can be seen on Netflix. What happens when the summer is over, and the summer love want to continue? Suddenly they find out that they are at the same place, but will the love keep on rolling?

The neverending film with Winslet and De Caprio which has been seen at least ten times by people who love to cry while watching a romantic film. Unfortunately this has no happy Hollywood end, but still romantic!

Under the Tuscan Sun
Frances Mayes has just had a divorce, and to get over it she decides to go to Tuscany. But, who would guess that in Tuscany there are quite a lot of handsome men, and Frances soon falls in love. But, will there be a happy end to it all?

Is a marriage worth fighting for? Yes it is! Follow a husband doing his uttermost with the help of God to win back his wife and to get his marriage back on track. Based on this film there has also been made books and it has been of great help to lots of people. Strongly recommended!

The Switch
What happens when Jennifer Anniston finds out that she is turning old, but she has still not got a child? Time for a change, and a sperm donor might in fact solve the entire problem. This is a romantic comedy, easy to watch and digest.

These films are all available on US Netflix as of October 20th, 2014. Enjoy watching them, and feel free to come with further input and feedback as you write a comment.

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