Best way to get a Nigerian IP address!

nigerian ip addressDo you need to get hold of a Nigerian IP addres! Follow these steps and surf like a Nigerian within minutes from now.

The first you need to do to get a Nigerian IP address is to sign up to the VPN services of HideMyAss. They are a UK based company with servers in more than 65 nations of the world. As you sign up for their services you will be allowed to connect to these, which again will result in you being able to get an IP address in all of those nations, including Nigeria.


So, visit the HideMyAss website and sign up, and within minutes you will surf encrypted online and with a Nigerian IP address. What technically happens as you download the HideMyAss application and connect to a server in Nigeria is that all your traffic online will be sent to the Internet through the server in Nigeria, which means that it will seem to origin from Nigeria, and not from the location you are currently at. In other words, you will look like a Nigerian to the Internet, and not like an American, a British, a Canadian or whatever location you are currently at.

[stextbox id=”update”]HideMyAss has a very nice refund policy, so if you try this and find yourself not to be satisfied, you can complain and get your money back in a time frame of 30 days.[/stextbox]

Sounds good? It is good, and it is working! We are writing this article from central Europe, but as we connect to the server in Nigeria and check our IP address afterwards, look what we see!IP NigeriaWant to get yourself a Nigerian IP address as well? Visit the HideMyAss website and get started. It is surprisingly easy, and it is 100% secure. And if you first have your HideMyAss subscription, then be aware of the fact that your subscription can do so much more for you than only giving you the chance to get a Nigerian IP address. Read our article on 100 Reasons to get a VPN to find even more advantages that your VPN subscription will give you.

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