How can I get a Kenyan IP address?

kenyan ip addressI am currently residing outside Kenya, but I am in great need of a Kenyan IP address? How can I get an IP in Kenya?

That is a great question, and for a long time it has been quite hard to give a good answer to this one. The reason has been poor working proxy services, but finally we have a much better answer to give. The reason is that only a few weeks ago HideMyAss, a VPN provider with base in the UK, opened new VPN servers in quite a lot of nations, one of them being Kenya. In other words, if you want to get a Kenyan IP address it just got much easier.

Steps to get a Kenyan IP address

  • Visit the HideMyAss website and sign up for their services.
  • Download the HideMyAss VPN client and install it.
  • Connect to the server in Kenya (almost at the bottom of the list).
  • Restart your browser.
  • Check your IP and enjoy surfing with a Kenyan IP address.

It is terribly easy, and there are some really great advantages to this if you first sign up for the VPN services of HideMyAss. Here is what you get in addition to your Kenyan IP address.

  • As you connect to a HideMyAss server your Internet connection will be encrypted, thus securing your private information online.
  • You can connect to servers in more than 65 other nations in the world, thus getting IP addresses in nations such as USA, UK, Italy and many more.
  • Read more other advantages of a VPN in the following article!

Ready to go for it? Visit the HideMyAss website, and get your Kenyan IP address in less than 5 minutes.HideMyAss

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