Best way to watch BNT from abroad?

Is your favorite TV program about to be shown on BNT? Or is Bulgaria playing an important soccer match that you want to watch, but you are unable to watch the BNT live stream because you are located outside Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian National Television channel (BNT), also known as Българска национална телевизия / Bŭlgarska natsionalna televiziya is an awesome channel in Bulgarian with loads of great TV shows, programs and events being broadcasted. They also have a live stream available on the net, and you can find the chance to watch BNT1, BNT2 and BNT World at the following site. The real problem is however that these broadcasts are mainly available only to those located geographically in Bulgaria, meaning that they surf the Internet with a Bulgarian IP address.

If you try to watch BNT from abroad, like we do, you will probably see a screen similar to this one.

BNT from abroad
We click play, but the BNT stream does not start. This is because of the geo-block.

The stream will check your geographical location before it starts, and if you are located outside Bulgaria you can press play as many times that you like, but the video/stream will not start. But, in the moment you get a Bulgarian IP address things will change and you will be able to watch all the available live streams and programs earlier unavailable to you. Here you can see two screenshots made by us as we tried to watch BNT1, with a Bulgarian IP address.

BNT watching from abroad

Watching BNT in Europe

How to watch BNT outside Bulgaria?

How did we do this? How did we watch the BNT live streams from abroad? It was very easy. We used a VPN provider named PureVPN. They are one of the biggest and most famous VPN providers and they have servers in several nations all around the world. What you need is a subcription to their service, and with a subscription you can download their VPN program and connect to all of their servers spread around the world. These servers will then provide you with IP addresses in USA, Canada, Bulgaria and several other nations. It is very easy and it is very quick, meaning that you can find yourself watching BNT in only a few minutes from now if you head on to the PureVPN website and sign up.


As you can see from the screenshots we have tried this ourselves and it is working perfectly. So, go ahead and try it you as well. PureVPN has a three day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, so that removes all risks from trying their VPN service. If you have any questions or maybe tried it and would like to write a comment, go ahead and do so. We love hearing from our readers!

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