How to get an IP address in Bulgaria?

Would you like to get an IP address in the nation of Bulgaria? This nation on the coast of the black sea is a paradise for tourists and it is getting more and more popular as a tourist destination. If you for some reason want to live virtually in Bulgaria for some minutes, hours, days or months, then this article will tell you how to get a Bulgarian IP address!

bnt in bulgaria from abroadMaybe you need a Bulgarian IP address because you want to watch the Bulgarian National Television (Bŭlgarska natsionalna televiziya / BNT) online, and you are having problem because the stream will not start or you get an error message telling you that it is not available in your nation. Maybe this is your problem, or maybe it is something completely different, but the solution is then to get a Bulgarian IP address, which will help you bypass such geographical regulations and open doors earlier closed to you.

Easiest way to get a Bulgarian IP address

The best and easiest way to get a Bulgarian IP address is to use a VPN service. If you want to understand more about what a VPN is and in what way it influence your Internet connection and your virtual location, read the following article.

ip in BulgariaAt the moment the best VPN provider offering IP addresses in Bulgaria is PureVPN (read our review here). They just added even more servers and IP addresses to their Bulgarian base, meaning that it is even better and easier to get a Bulgarian IP as you use their services at the moment, and they have very good speeds. In other words, to get an IP in Bulgaria all you need to do is to visit the PureVPN website and sign up for their VPN service. After you have signed up you simply download their VPN application to your iPad, tablet, mobile phone, Winows computer or whatever and then you connect to their fastest server in Bulgaria. That is all you need to do, and now you should surf the Internet encrypted (that is the main function of a VPN), and in addition you will get a Bulgarian IP. You might need to restart your browser before it will finally work. To check if you have received your new IP address along the black sea, check what your current IP address is.


Have you tried this yourself? We have tried it and it is working great, also for those who want to watch Bulgarian live TV or other geo blocked TV shows from outside Bulgaria. Share your thoughts, comments or questions if you have any. We would love to hear from you!

[stextbox id=”info”]PureVPN has a three day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, so there is no risk in trying. You will though need to tell within three days and use less than 500mb of bandwidth for your money to be refunded.[/stextbox]

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