Best way to watch RUV from abroad! [2022 version]

The Icelandic channel RUV is a wonderful channel. In English it is known as the “The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service” and this is where you can watch some of the best productions on TV, in addition to big sports events and other cool stuff.

If you try to watch RUV from outside Iceland you will, unfortunately, get an error message looking something like this:

Could not load the manifest file - RUV error message as you try to watch RUV outside Iceland
Could not load the manifest file – RUV error message as you try to watch RUV outside Iceland
RUV unavailable from abroad
This is another version of the same error message!

If you are a fan of Icelandic TV this is frustrating, so the question is therefore how you can make RUV believe that you are actually located in Iceland? The answer is a service named IPVanish. What IPVanish can do for you is to virtually remove you from one location to another. If you check your IP address you will see your approximate whereabouts. If you sign up for IPVanish, you can connect to one of their servers in other nations, in this case, a server in Iceland, and once you are connected, all your movements will seem to originate from there, meaning that you have virtually moved to Iceland. It takes less than 15 seconds to connect, so once you have your IPVanish subscription ready, it is like a piece of cake to make this work. Visit the IPVanish website to get started.

Watch RUV from abroad

We have of course tested this ourselves from our safe office in central Europe. After getting the error message that you could see above we connected to a server in Iceland using IPVanish, and what we got to see was much more interesting than the error message. We could see programs both live and from the library. Here you can see three screenshots.

Watching Týnda vitnið on RUV outside Iceland
Watching Týnda vitnið on RUV outside Iceland
RUV from abroad
Watching RUV from abroad

As you can see it works great and it is very easy to get started. Watch RUV online yourself in a few minutes from now. Get yourself an Icelandic IP address using IPVanish and watch and enjoy!


We hope you have found these instructions to be useful and helpful. You should be ready to watch RUV from abroad in a few minutes if you follow the instructions. Should you have any question or need of help, please write a comment beneath and we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible!

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