Best way to watch TVN from outside Poland!

If you want to watch the Polish TV channel TV and its special player from abroad, you will get some problems as you try to watch quite a lot of the shows. Some programs are available from wherever you are in the world, but some programs require you to be located in Poland.

If you try to watch TVN in Poland from abroad, and you try to watch one of the programs unavailable, you will see the following error message.

Error message if you try to watch TVN Player from abroad
Error message if you try to watch TVN Player from abroad (you will most likely see the message in Polish)
Error message watching TVN from abroad
Error message watching TVN from abroad

It is important to know that TVN has different packages available, meaning that a lot of content will only be available if you have a paid subscription. But, some programs are available for free, but it is still a requirement that you are located in Poland to watch these. TVN has a sports package which will let you watch football from some of the best leagues in Europe, they have an HBO package if you want to stream HBO content, and there is an easier package if you simply want access to the best TVN content without ads or other annoying stuff.

Watch TVN outside Poland

To get rid of this message you need to get hold of a Polish IP address, and if you want to fix this, then we recommend using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. They have VPN servers in Poland, and as you connect to that server you will get yourself a local Polish IP address, and once you have that, you will no longer see the above error message, but instead, you can see the program you intended to see in its full beauty. It only takes a few minutes, and then you can watch TVN in Poland from abroad.

ExpressVPN will help you connect to a server in Poland, which will provide you with a local “Internet address” in Poland, and thus TVN will believe that you actually reside in Poland, and that is why this will make it possible for you to watch TVN from abroad.

We just tried this, and here you can see a screenshot taken as we watched Pod powierzchnią on TVN in the TVN Player from outside Poland using ExpressVPN.

Watching Pod powierzchnią on TVN for free from abroad
Watching Pod powierzchnią on TVN for free from abroad

As you understand it is really easy. To try it yourself, visit the ExpressVPN website.

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If you want to know even more on how this works, take a look at the video beneath.

Good luck and enjoy watching TVN from outside Poland! Should you have a question related to watching TVN from abroad, please use the comment field beneath and we will do our best to help you out!

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