Best ways to get a Dutch IP address

Netherlands IP addressThe Netherlands is one of the most interesting nations in the world and Amsterdam is a city everyone should visit once during their lifetime. The canals, the streets, thousands of bicycles and the Anne Frank House make the city great. But, if you want to virtually reside in Amsterdam to get hold of a Dutch IP address, what should you do then?

The cheapest way to get hold of a Dutch IP address it to find a proxy server in the Netherlands and use that. There are lots of free proxy servers out there, but the problem is that these are often unstable and because you need a good and permanent solution you can trust, you should rather use a VPN service available out there.

Use VPN to get a Dutch IP

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which connects your computer to a computer/server somewhere else in the world. It is safe and encrypted to establish a VPN connection and once a VPN tunnel has been made all your traffic on the Internet will seem to origin from the computer/server you are connected to. Thus it means that if you are connected to a VPN server in the Netherlands you will surf the Internet with a Dutch IP address and all your traffic on the Internet will seem to origin from the nation of Netherlands.

Once such a connection has been made you will be able to watch and reach content only available to people with an IP address in the Netherlands. That means that you can watch TV channels such as Nederland 1, Nederland 2 and Nederland 3, SBS6 and NOS from outside the Netherlands. Other geo-blocked content can also easily be reached and watched, so a Dutch IP can be a real treasure to people who want to watch their favorite TV shows while living abroad.

If you want to surf the net with an IP address in Netherlands, we can warmly recommend the VPN services of HideMyAss. They have a software very easy to use and they have great speed on their servers in the Netherlands. Click the link to visit their website, make a subscription and download their software.


Fastest VPN servers in Netherlands

We recommend HideMyAss as the best VPN tool for those looking for a Netherlands IP address at the moment, and our recommendation is best on speed tests we have been doing using different services and servers in the Netherlands. We have tried ExpressVPN, IPVanish, HideMyAss and StrongVPN and here you can see the download speeds we got with the different services. StrongVPN has the best speeds, but it is harder to set up this service and you need to make a three month subscription, making it more costly than for example IPVanish.

HideMyAss: 20Mbps / 3Mbps / 11Mbps (we tried 3 servers)
IPVanish: 13Mbps
Overplay: 2,5Mbps
StrongVPN: 16Mbps
ExpressVPN: 7Mbps

Good luck and enjoy surfing the web with a Dutch IP address.