The Best VPN for Dutch Netflix in 2024.

Are you located in New York, Barcelona, or maybe in Tokyo? Would you like to use a VPN that will give you access to all content on Dutch Netflix, even though you currently reside elsewhere in the world? Which VPN can you use to access Dutch Netflix abroad? Are all VPN providers suitable, or do you need to use a specific VPN? In this article, I will tell you about the best VPN providers for Dutch Netflix, and also explain why it is important to use one of those, and not just any VPN you read about online!

You can have many reasons to watch Dutch Netflix using a VPN. Maybe you are abroad and desperately want access to Dutch Netflix due to a movie or one of your favorite TV shows. Or maybe you are sitting in a hotel room in Rotterdam and you want to stream content on Dutch Netflix. You do, however, take security seriously. Thus you want to use a VPN to encrypt your data and to hide your online activities from other people using the open WiFi network besides you.

vpn virtual address in the netherlands
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Did you know that VPN blocks content on the platform if they discover that you use a VPN? If you connect to an IPVanish or HideMyAss server in the Netherlands you will immediately get a Dutch IP address. But, when you visit the Netflix website, you will only see content to which Netflix has worldwide broadcasting rights. As a result, you will not see TV series and movies for which Netflix Netherlands has bought the broadcasting rights separately. Instead, you will see Stranger Things, Designated Survivor, Ozark, and other Netflix original series (and nothing else).

Have you tried this yourself? How can you know whether or not you see the real content of Dutch Netflix? Search for some of the following titles.

Search for these titles to find out if you see the real content of Dutch Netflix.

  • Forrest Gump
  • Uncharted
  • The Bridge
  • Department Q

Do you find any of the titles above? Then you are using a VPN that Netflix doesn’t block. By the way, I can warmly recommend all three titles mentioned above, so if you have some time, stream all three of them.

I am located elsewhere in Europe (not in the Netherlands), meaning that I am currently using a VPN to see the real content of Dutch Netflix. Which VPN am I using? Which is the best VPN service for Dutch Netflix? Are there several VPNs that will give you access to all the content on Netflix in the Netherlands? You are about to find the answer!

dutch netflix content.
There are lots of Dutch movies on Dutch Netflix.

The best VPN services for Dutch Netflix.

Based on my tests, there are at least three different VPN providers that I can warmly recommend for streaming Dutch Netflix. Not only will those VPN services give you access to Dutch Netflix content, but they will also unblock content in more than 10 other countries. Besides this, they all have money-back guarantees. As a result, you don’t have to worry when purchasing a subscription, as you can cancel your subscription and ask for a refund for 30 days after the purchase date. In other words, if it doesn’t work or if you do not like it, you can cancel your subscription and get all your money in return.

I should also mention that all three VPN providers have live support available on their websites. Are you stuck somewhere during installation? Are you using Linux and need help with the installation? Whatever question you have, these support channels are great and will assist you 24/7 within a few minutes.

I should mention that it is extremely easy to use these VPN providers. As a result, you will likely not face any trouble or challenges. If you still do, live support always comes to your aid.

The cheapest VPN that will give access to Dutch Netflix.

Would you like to watch Dutch Netflix using a VPN, but paying as little as possible? If your answer is yes, Surfshark is the service you are looking for. This is a VPN provider registered in the British Virgin Islands, and it has turned into one of the most popular of all VPN providers since its inception in 2018.

Surfshark is extremely easy to use and they have applications for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Linux, FireTV, and several other platforms. The applications have an easy-to-use design. Surfshark has servers in more than 100 countries, and you can connect to all these with a few clicks within the application. Not only can you use Surfshark on multiple platforms. You can use the same subscription on more than 10 devices simultaneously.

During my most recent tests, I watched Netflix content in more than 15 countries with Surfshark. If you connect to a server in the Netherlands, you will get a Dutch IP address, which again will give you access to the real content on Dutch Netflix. In the same way, you can watch Netflix content in Japan, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, India, France, Germany, and several other countries.

Is your Netflix subscription registered in an EU country? Due to EU regulations, you will always see the content of your home country, no matter where you are located within the EU. In order to solve this problem, take a look at the instructions in this article.

Try Surfshark today! Click the button below to visit the Surfshark website.

Visit the website ofSurfshark

You will get a special discount if you click the Surfshark button above, and at the same time, you will support our research (if you decide to purchase a subscription). We thank you in advance!

  • Click the button above, visit the Surfshark website, and purchase a VPN subscription.
  • Download the Surfshark VPN application and install it on your devices (on which you want to stream Netflix).
  • Open the VPN application and connect to a server in the Netherlands.
  • Launch your browser or your Netflix application. You can now watch all the content on Dutch Netflix.
surfshark vpn for Ubuntu
I am using Surfshark on my Linux computer.

Above you can see a screenshot I just made. Here I am using the Surfshark application for Ubuntu (Linux). The VPN applications for Windows, iOS, Android, and Macintosh are just as easy to use as the Linux application.

Surfshark isn’t cheaper than the other VPNs if you purchase a subscription for one month. But, if you purchase a subscription for a longer period of time (2 years), you will get a much better price than the other VPN providers will give you.

Are you a fan of Premier League football? Choose a VPN that is a sponsor of Liverpool.

Are you a fan of English football? Is Liverpool your favorite team? Why not choose a VPN that is sponsoring your favorite club? NordVPN is a VPN provider with a great reputation and they have been around for a long time. Recently, they have improved a lot when it comes to unblocking Netflix, meaning that you can now watch Netflix content in more than ten countries using this service.

NordVPN is a bit more expensive than Surfshark, and while Surshark has servers in more than 100 countries, NordVPN has servers in approximately 60 countries. This doesn’t really matter, because you only connect to a few servers anyway. So, unless you are looking for a server in a specific country, you don’t really have to let this influence your choice.

NordVPN is very similar to Surfshark in all ways. In other words, they have apps for all the big platforms, they have a full refund policy valid for thirty days, and the applications are very easy to use. NordVPN also has several other products (like cloud storage and a password manager), but if your only goal is to access Dutch Netflix, the basic (and cheapest) VPN package is more than enough for you. If you need a password manager, the NordPass is a great additional service that will benefit you greatly.

Try NordVPN today! Click the button below to visit the NordVPN website.

Visit the website ofNordVPN

NordVPN frequently has big discounts available, meaning that you might be able to catch a good deal if you visit their website. Click the button above to get started and maybe compare the NordVPN prices with those of Surfshark and ExpressVPN.

  • Click the button above, visit the NordVPN website, and purchase a VPN subscription (for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months).
  • Download the NordVPN application and install it on your devices (on which you want to stream Netflix).
  • Open the VPN application and connect to a server in the Netherlands.
  • Visit the Netflix website and stream all your desired content on Dutch Netflix.
dutch tv programs on netflix
There are lots of Dutch TV programs available le on Dutch Netflix.

The most expensive solution for Dutch Netflix abroad.

The VPN that has been most stable the last ten years when it comes to unblocking Netflix is ExpressVPN. This is a fantastic VPN service that is known for blazing speeds. This VPN takes your privacy seriously (as does Surfshark and NordVPN). After launching the Wireguard VPN protocol, ExpressVPN quickly implemented it in their service (and called it Lightway).

ExpressVPN is present in nearly hundred countries, and it is great for unblocking Netflix in more than 10 countries. This is also the best VPN in general for unblocking, meaning that it has worked non-stop with services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, PeacockTV, Paramount+, HBO Max, and several other services for years.

ExpressVPN is more expensive than both NordVPN and Surfshark. But, if you click the button below, you will get 3 months for free if you purchase a 12-month plan.

Click the button below to get three months of ExpressVPN for free.

Visit the website ofExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a full-refund policy valid for 30 days. They have applications for all the big operating systems, live support at their website, and you can use the same subscription on five devices simultaneously.

If you want to watch Netflix Netherlands with ExpressVPN, download the VPN application, install it on your devices, connect to a server in the Netherlands, and have a great time.

It is also nice to know that you can use ExpressVPN to watch NOS (NPO) and other Dutch TV channels online as well.

I am watching Forrest Gump on Dutch Netflix.
I am watching Forrest Gump on Dutch Netflix.

I have now told you about the three best VPN providers for Dutch Netflix. This article is frequently updated, meaning that I test the recommended VPN service regularly to see that the information is up to date and valid. In other words, you can trust that this information is correct and updated.

Please use the comment field below if you have any comments or questions. I always try to answer questions and love to hear readers’ thoughts and inputs. As a result, I would love to hear from you as well!

Enjoy watching Dutch Netflix wherever you are in the world!

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