Best ways to get a German IP address

German IP address
Surf the net like a German

Do you need to get a German IP address? It is not hard to get hold of one, and here you will find instructions on some easy ways to surf the net like a German in a couple of minutes from now.

There are different ways in which you can get a German IP. The safest and best solution is a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, which will both encrypt your connection and let you surf the Internet through a tunnel bringing your virtually to Germany, making you look like a German to everyone on the net. When you have this German IP address you should be able to watch TV shows blocked with GEO-block and do other activities on the net earlier available only to those with an IP address in Germany.

Three VPN tools offering German IP’s

If you want to subscribe to a VPN tool, then you might want to consider HideMyAss, StrongVPN or PureVPN. They all provide great service, but as we just tested the speeds you will notice some big differences.

PureVPN gave us a download speed of 25Mbps. They have different servers to choose from and give you great speed, so all in all this is the most stable and best service providing an IP address in Germany. If you want to watch German TV online, this is perfect due to stability and speed!

StrongVPN have several servers in Germany to choose from. We selected and tried one of these (the one closest to our location) and we got an amazing speed of 24 Mbps. That is great, but the big minus with StrongVPN is the price, because it is the most expensive of the mentioned three VPN providers and since the other two provide great speeds as well, we would skip StrongVPN and rather go for PureVPN or HideMyAss.

We have tried and used HideMyAss for the purpose of getting a German IP address. The speeds may vary a bit, but when we use HideMyAss to watch Champions League matches or maybe other sports events on for example ZDF it works great!

German IP conclusion

If you want a German IP address we would either go for HideMyAss or PureVPN. If you live outside Germany permanently and need to be able to get a German IP address for a longer period of time we would use PureVPN as they have the best prices. If you only need an IP address in Germany for a week or two we would probably go for HideMyAss or PureVPN.

Good luck surfing the net as a German and use the links to make a subscription to the VPN service you feel most interesting.
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2 thoughts on “Best ways to get a German IP address

  1. Florian says:

    Hello, I am searching for a simple way to watch the world cup of soccer I am from Germany and I am living and working in the USA at the moment. Your site gave me a good idea of what I have to do but why do I need to use a German IP address to watch the shows at and Can’t I just go to their websites and watch the stream directly? I wouldn’t have to pay for a VPN tunnel like PureVPN.

    Thank you in advance and best regards


    • Thomas Stein says:


      of course the best would be if you could use visit their websites and watch the shows, but the problem is that they block their broadcasts, meaning that they do a check on your location, and if they find out that you are located outside Germany, you will get an error message, or they will simply make sure that the stream is not available to you. Some program and shows are available, but a majority of programs, and especially live streams, sports events and so one, are always blocked. That is why you need a VPN because it will provide you with a German IP address, making sure that you can watch such TV programs and content online only available to those located in Germany.

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