Best ways to get a Turkish IP address

Do you need a Turkish IP address? Maybe you are from Turkey, but now live outside your mother country and need a Turkish IP to reach some special content. Or maybe you live outside Turkey, but want to play games, see TV shows and enjoy stuff only available to those with a Turkish IP address. Keep on reading, because the solution is near!

Turkish IP addressThere are several ways in which you can get a Turkish IP address, but the best solution and easiest to get up and running is probably to subscribe to a VPN service providing servers in Turkey which will give you an IP address in Turkey. In our IP Address Guide we have reviewed lots of VPN services and there are some providers in general better than others, but the most important is still to take a closer look at the speeds they provide in the actual nation you are interested. In this case we have therefore tested the best and most popular VPN services to see which of them provide best speeds and connection as you connect to their servers in Turkey. But, before we continue, let me just tell you a few words what a VPN connection is.

What is a VPN

A VPN is a virtual tunnel created between your computer and another computer somewhere in the world. All traffic between these computers are encrypted, making it safe and unreachable for others, even if you surf the Internet in a public open WiFi network. When you are connected to that computer all your movement and activity on the Internet will seem to originate from that given server you are connected to, and not from where you are actually located. Again this means that as you are connected to a VPN server in Turkey you will afterwards surf the Internet with a Turkish IP address and all content formerly unavailable to you because you did not have a Turkish IP will be opened up at once.

Best VPN providers offering a Turkish IP address

Writing this article we have tested HideMyAss, StrongVPN, Overplay, SimpleVPN, IPVanish, PureVPN and VPN4All. If you want to read reviews of the different services, visit VPN tools. The service you should not pick for sure if you want an IP in Turkey is SimpleVPN, because they have no servers in Turkey at all. If all you want is an answer telling you what service to use to get a Turkish IP our answer is:

  • If you need a solution for a long period of time: StrongVPN or PureVPN
  • If you need a solution for some days, weeks or a month: HideMyAss or PureVPN

[stextbox id=”info”]We have based our recommendations on the fact that StrongVPN is more expensive than HideMyAss and require a 3 month subscription (minimum 3 months with deluxe package (15USD a month – totally 45 USD). HideMyAss is 11 USD a month and you can make a one-month subscription only.[/stextbox]

HideMyAss StrongVPN PureVPN

Turkish VPN providers speed test

During our tests we got the following download speeds testing the different VPN tools.

  • HideMyAss: 11Mbps
  • StrongVPN: 18Mbps
  • Overplay: 2Mbps
  • IPVanish: 1,5Mbps
  • PureVPN: 15Mbps

We hope this test and information will help you. To make a subscription to HideMyAss, PureVPN or StrongVPN, use the links on this page and you will be ready to surf the Internet with a Turkish IP address in a few minutes from now, especially with HideMyAss which is easy to subscribe to, install and use.

2 thoughts on “Best ways to get a Turkish IP address

  1. Reza says:


    I need a Turkish VPN (to use with an ip of a city of Turkey like Van, Ankara, Istanbul, etc.), with Static IP (a private IP only for myself). How much does it cost?
    Please advise.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello! Sorry to say so, but at the moment I am not aware of any VPN provider that provide static IP addresses for you in Turkey. I know some who do in the UK, the USA and so on, but in Turkey, at the moment no. If anyone else has any insight, please tell! If I find some information or providers who can help with this later, I will write here at once!

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