Watch The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix – How and where!

After the enormous success of The Lord of the Rings, it was hard to live up to the expectations for Peter Jackson as he created The Hobbit movies. Many fans were disappointed with the movies, while others loved them. You are probably reading this article because you loved the movies, or because you haven’t seen them yet. So, what can you do if you want to stream The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix? Is it possible? Yes, it can be done, and you can watch them in a few minutes if you read the instructions and follow them.

There are three movies in The Hobbit trilogy. You can stream all three on Netflix right now.

  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

But, based on my knowledge, these movies can only be found on Netflix in one single country and that is Turkey. So, what can you do if you live far away from Istanbul and any other Turkish city? Or if you have a teenage kid in the house that you want to inspire reading The Hobbit by showing him or her the movies first? What can you do to stream The Hobbit movies on Turkish Netflix today?

We have an article in the IP Address Guide dealing with the best VPN providers for Turkish Netflix. There you will find the information very similar to what you are about to read in this article. Why is that? Because you need to use a VPN in order to stream Turkish Netflix abroad. But, it does matter which VPN you choose, as 99% of all VPNs are blocked by Netflix. What does that mean? If you use a free VPN like ProtonVPN or a VPN like IPVanish and connect to a server in Turkey, you will still not find The Hobbit movies or other local Turkish content on Netflix. This is because the VPN is blocked by Netflix.

So, what can you do? You have to use the VPN services of Surfshark to stream The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix in Turkey.

Watch The Hobbit on Netflix with Surfshark.

As I already said, you have to use the VPN services of Surfshark to stream The Hobbit on Netflix. Click the button below to visit the Surfshark website.

Visit the website ofSurfshark

It sounds so easy when I write it here, but I actually spent lots of time trying to find a VPN that would give me access to Turkish Netflix. That is also why I write articles like this here in the IP Address Guide, to share the knowledge, to earn some commission fees (yes, I do get a bonus if you purchase a VPN subscription as you click the button above), and to save you a lot of time. Do you appreciate my effort? Click the button above and try Surfshark yourself.

By the way, I would never recommend a VPN service without a full-refund policy. What is that? This is to protect you. Should you purchase a Surfshark subscription, but later regret doing so (within 30 days), you cancel the subscription and get all your money in return. As a result, there is no big risk involved in purchasing a subscription in the first place.

The Hobbit movies on Netflix – step-by-step.

  • Visit the Surfshark website and purchase a VPN subscription. You get the best price if you purchase a subscription for 24 months!
  • Download and install Surfshark on your computer, telephone, TV, or tablet. It can also be installed directly in your browser.
  • Start the Surfshark application and connect to a server in Turkey. The application is extremely easy to use, meaning that no technical skills are required at all to use it (see the screenshot below).
the hobbit with Surfshark on Turkish Netflix
  • It only takes some seconds to connect to the server in Turkey. You now have a Turkish IP address and you are ready to watch Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, and all the other stars in The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix.
  • Visit the Netflix website or open the Netflix app on your device. Search for The Hobbit. Enjoy watching the movies on Netflix.
the hobbit trilogy on netflix

You probably see something very similar to the image above as you search for The Hobbit on Netflix in Turkey. Which movie will you watch today? Or will you have an all-day program and stream all three The Hobbit movies? Or are you ready for a J.R.R. Tolkien weekend? If you are, watch The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix first, and then continue with The Lord of the Rings trilogy afterward. That is actually possible because you can find the full Lord of the Rings trilogy on Turkish Netflix as well, in addition to The Hobbit trilogy.

Pictures from The Hobbit trilogy.

I just watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Netflix in Turkey. Here you have some screenshots.

Are you ready for six hours of action and fun? Follow the instructions above to stream The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix today.

Are you ready for more fun afterward? Stream The Lord of the Rings trilogy on Netflix in Turkey.

Would you like even more fun and entertainment? Surfshark can be used to watch content on Netflix in more than 15 countries. Connect to servers in Japan, Australia, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, and other countries to watch Netflix content there as well. You can also use Surfshark to unblock TV networks in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

Is it worth buying a VPN to watch The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix?

I believe most people will really enjoy the movies. If you visit Rotten Tomatoes, you can see that the first movie has a critics score of 64%. That isn’t very good. But, the audience score is currently 84%. What does that tell us? The average viewer really enjoyed the trilogy, while the boring critics didn’t feel satisfied. But, who cares about the critics? The important thing is that you have a great time, and I believe you will as you watch The Hobbit trilogy on Netflix.

I hope you have found answers to your questions in this article. If you have any remaining questions or comments, please write them below. Feel free to share your thoughts about the trilogy itself as well and share them with our readers!

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