Black-ish is now on Hulu

Yesterday was the day for the Golden Globe awards in 2017. La La Land was the big winner and the same can be said about The Night Manager. But, did you notice a TV series named Black-ish?

Black-ish is a TV series that has got lots of fans since its start. It is a Disney production, and the fact that Black-ish now turns available on Hulu is a part of the cooperation between Hulu and Disney that is to get bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger in this upcoming year. You can normally watch Black-ish on ABC, but in addition you can now watch it on Hulu. The same is true for another very popular ABC TV series named Grey’s Anatomy.

Black-Ish on Hulu

The core of the story in Black-ish is as follows: “Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson has a great job, a beautiful wife, Rainbow, four kids, and a colonial home in the ‘burbs. But has success brought too much assimilation for this black family?

This is a comedy TV series, and even though it did not actually win a Golden Globe statue, it was still nominated which means a great deal to the production team behind the TV series.

There are so much stuff happening at Hulu at the moment, so if you have missed out on the news, then you will be happy to hear that Hulu is about to cooperate with CBS in a much bigger way. For a long time it has been impossible to stream TV series such as The Big Bang Theory, Scorpion and NCIS on Hulu, but by the time we reach 2018 you will most likely be able to stream all of these and lots of other CBS series on Hulu. You can read more about this in the following article on

Now, as you understand you have hundreds of reasons to watch Hulu. But, what to do if you are located outside the United States? No problem anymore. Follow our instructions on how you can watch Hulu outside the United States, and watch Black-ish and all your other favorite TV series on Hulu right away.

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