How to watch Hulu from abroad? (updated January 2019)

Hulu is a great streaming service where you can watch some of the best TV series from the biggest networks online. This is how you can watch Hulu from abroad.

Hulu has a big advantage compared to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. While subscribers to those services have to wait for months and sometimes years before an episode and season is made available, Hulu subscribers can get immediate access to new episodes just after they have been aired on big networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC and more.

Hulu also has a quite good selection of films available, so Hulu is for sure a service you will like (if you do not have a subscription yet). But, what happens if you try to watch Hulu from abroad?

Watch Hulu from abroad

As we wrote this article from Europe and tried to access to website of Hulu all we got was the following error message.

Hulu From Abroad

The message says that the video can only be seen from within the United States. Therefore to be able to enjoy Hulu from abroad, you need to make them believe that you actually reside in the United States. Since this article is based on experience and trying ourselves, we have tried the solution described, and it is working! Just take a look at the following screenshot from an episode of Bones that we watched as we tried the solution described in this email.

Here we are streaming This Is Us, the NBC series, on Hulu!
Here we are streaming This Is Us, the NBC series, on Hulu!

Watch Hulu using a VPN

As we tried to watch Hulu from Europe we used the VPN services of HideMyAss. They have quite a lot of servers available in the United States (we used the server in Washington), and even though the server is quite far away from our actual location, we got perfect quality and could watch the episode of Six with no problems at all.

To do this for yourself you should watch the HideMyAss website, sign up for a subscription (the basic package is enough), download their client and then connect to one of their servers in the United States (Liberty Island servers recommended). Once this has been done you can visit the Hulu website again, and now you should be able to watch whatever is available to you. Be aware that you will need to restart your web-browser after connecting to a server in the United States.

Not convinced? No problem, but know that there is no risk in trying this. HideMyAss has a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you try and find out that you are not satisfied with the product, just tell them and they will return your money and you have not lost anything at all. So, go for it and watch Hulu in a few minutes from now using a VPN to give you an IP in USA.

Need an American payment card and address?
Do you need an American payment card and address to sign up for Hulu? It can be fixed easily, and you can later use the same address and payment card to pay for CBS All Access, Amazon Prime and other American services. Read this article for more information.

Beneath you can see one more screenshot taken by us as we stream another TV series on Hulu.

Watching HULU from abroad
Here you can see another screenshot taken as we watched Hulu from Europe.

As you probably understand, it is very easy to get access to Hulu overseas. You do not need lots of technical knowledge, all you need is a few USD and five minutes to sign up, download the VPN client and connect to a server in the United States.

Do not forget that we often write articles about Hulu here in our IP Address Guide, so place a bookmark on this page and come back frequently for more information, news and Hulu related topics.

Do you have any questions related to watching Hulu from abroad? Have you follow these instructions, but still not working (we really doubt it)?  Please write a comment and we will do our best to help!

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6 thoughts on “How to watch Hulu from abroad? (updated January 2019)

  1. Sandra says:

    Can I watch 24: Legacy on Hulu? And what about Grey’s Anatomy? Is it hard to watch Hulu outside the USA? Do I need to know a lot about computers to make this work? I feel incompetent, so I am afraid that it will be too hard for me…

    • Hello there Sandra! I am not sure if you can watch all 24: Legacy episodes on Hulu, but the latest are still available at the moment. Grey’s Anatomy can also be found on Hulu, but only the most recent episodes, meaning that you can not look at all episodes from all seasons.

      We tried to write the article as easy as possible, and it should be really easy to access Hulu abroad. Sign up for the VPN provider (that is easy), download the program (that is easy), install the VPN software (easy) and then connect to a server in the United States. At the moment HideMyAss works well, and then you should connect to their Liberty Island server to stream Hulu. Once connected you visit and it should work perfectly!

  2. Megan says:

    How can I get the Hulu application for Android? I do not find it in the Google Play Store, but I need it in order to watch Hulu on my tablet. Is there a special way?

    • Hi Megan,
      the easiest way to get the Hulu application to your Android device is by downloading it manually. You will find the most recent version of the Hulu application at . Download the most recent version, and make sure to allow your phone to install software from unknown sources (you will be asked before installing it). Once you have installed it you will find the icon on your desktop, and you can start the Hulu application and stream Hulu on your Android device all across the world. Do not forget that you still need the VPN connection, so download the HideMyAss application to your Android device as well.

  3. Rosanna says:

    Will these instructions help me to stream Hulu Live TV as well? I know it is a new service, but sounds great, so if I can use it in Europe, that would be great!

    • At the moment it is very hard to stream Hulu in Europe, mostly because it can only be used on a few devices. Within shortly Hulu plan on making Hulu Live TV available on Mac and Windows as well, and that will help a lot, and probably you will be able to stream Hulu Live in Europe as well quite easily. Will update the article when that happens.

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