Can FBI catch Elizabeth Keen?

Today is the time for a new season of The Blacklist to start and if you remember the end of the last season Elizabeth Keen is on the run after killing a criminal who was protected by his high position. Now she is on the run and she can be found on the FBI most wanted list, just take a look at the screenshot!

Elizabeth Keen - Wanted by the FBI
Elizabeth Keen – Wanted by the FBI

The first episode in season 3 will be aired on NBC tonight and it will be made available online within shortly after it has been aired on television. You can then decide whether you want to watch it on or if you want to watch it on Hulu. You might believe that you can watch it on Netflix as well, but as you might now new episodes are never added real time on Netflix, but one season comes together, so we will have to wait until next year and quite some months after the end of season 3 before we can expect to watch The Blacklist season 3 on Netflix. This can also be illustrated by the fact that The Blacklist season 2 was just made available in different Netflix regions all around the world.

You can also watch The Blacklist on, but it is much more expensive than to watch season 1 and season 2 on Netflix and then to watch the new episodes in season 3 on the fly for free on the NBC website.

Do you have big expectations to the third season of The Blacklist? Or would you maybe watch something completely different instead? Or maybe you want to watch something similar, but still different? NBC just launched another TV series named The Blindspot which somehow shares similarities with The Blacklist, but still quite different. Take a look at that TV series as well, because if you like The Blacklist our guess is that you will enjoy The Blindspot as well.

In Blindspot you can follow a tattooed girl who wakes up with no memories at all, but the FBI soon find out that all the tattooes are keys to solving crimes and stopping big terror attacks to take place. She is at once connected to a very smart and talented FBI agent and as the episodes roll on we get to know more about the girl, her background and she gets some small recoveries of memories from the past. So, check out on The Blindspot as well, and if you want to know… yes, you can watch the episodes on the NBC website from all across the world, just do not forget that you need an American IP address for this to work.


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