Can I buy cheaper Brawl Stars gems using a VPN?

Yesterday, I read an article describing how you can use a VPN to buy cheaper gems and tokens for Stumble Guys. That made me curious. Is the same possible for Brawl Stars? Can I save money using a VPN to access and buy Brawl Stars gems from the SuperCell store in a different country? Here is what I discovered.

I cannot say that I did very thorough research, but I compared 4-5 countries and the prices they offer. For example, it is much cheaper to buy gems for Stumble Guys if you live in India than if you live in the United States. What is the case with Brawl Stars?

A comparison of prices for Brawl Stars gems in the Supercell store.

I first looked at the price of the different gem packages in the US Supercell store. Below is a screenshot showing the different prices as of June 2023.

Brawl Stars gems in the US Supercell store.

brawl stars gem prices in the united states

These are the basic prices. A package of 360 gems costs $20, while a package of 170 gems (enough to buy you a Brawl Pass) costs $10. Supercell is nice and includes the tax in the prices you see in the store, meaning that these are the actual prices you end up paying upon checkout.

Brawl Stars gems in the Hungarian Supercell store.

If you are a Hungarian, you will see the following prices.

supercell prices hungary

You will see these prices if you are a Hungarian and visit the Supercell store. It is worth noticing that you don’t understand much unless you know the exchange rate. We will make a big comparison at the end of the article, but if you compare the price of 170 gems (the price of a Brawl Pass), 4490 HUF is approximately $13.

What about the Supercell store in India?

India is normally a much cheaper country than Hungary, and even cheaper than the United States. It is much cheaper to buy Stumble Guys gems in India than in the USA. What about the Supercell store?

supercell store india brawl stars

It is hard to understand unless you have the exchange rate. So what’s up here? The price of a Brawl Pass is 899 Indian Rupees. That equals $11.

Supercell prices for Brawl Stars gems in Brazil.

Brazil should be a cheaper country than the United States, but what is the reality if you want to buy Brawl Stars gems?

brawl stars gems in brazil

What do we see above? If you once again look at the price for 170 gems required to buy a Brawl Pass, the price is 55 Brazilian Real which equals $11.3.

What is the conclusion? Can you save money using a VPN to buy Brawl Stars gems?

Honestly, the results of this little research was extremely surprising. One would expect gems to be cheaper in poorer countries, but the reality is that you pay more for Brawl Stars gems in poorer countries than the people living in the United States. According to statistics, people pay approximately 5 times more to live in the United States than in India. The salaries are way higher, meaning you have much more to spend on living if you live in the States than India. Why is it then that you pay more for Brawl Stars gems if you live in India than in the United States? That is a brilliant question! It feels unfair!

All in all, there is a concussion to this article! If you live outside the United States, you might save money using a VPN to get an American IP address. You can then visit the American Supercell store and buy Brawl Stars gems cheaper than elsewhere in the world. The difference might not be extremely high, but if you plan on buying the most expensive package with 2200 Brawl Stars gems, the differences are still worth considering.

Comparing the prices of 2200 Brawl Stars gems in four countries.

United StatesHungaryIndiaBrazil
170 gems$104500 HUF ($13.15)Rs. 890 ($11)R$55 ($11.3)
2200 gems$9948,000 HUF ($140)Rs. 8900 ($108)R$550 ($113)

What do you see? The cheapest country is the United States. The worst country is Hungary where you pay 30%-40% more for the same product compared to the United States. How can you solve this?

If you use a VPN like PureVPN you can change your IP address and access to US Supercell store for Brawl Stars. You will then see the prices in USD. When you have selected which gem package to buy, you need to log in with your Brawl Stars account. Once you are logged in, you can go to checkout and buy the gem package you are interested in.

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Add your payment credentials and pay for the package of gems.

We have to admit the results of this research was surprising, but it proved that you can save money by using a VPN as you buy Brawl Stars gems. The only surprise is that the gems are cheapest in the country where you would expect the gems to be among the most expensive.

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