Can I watch 10Play in Europe?

For a long time people referred to 10Play as Network Ten, or Tenplay, but after their most recent logo change in December 2018, the new name and logo shows them as 10Play. But, how can you watch 10Play in Europe?

To be honest, I already have a very good article on the topic which is completely up to date and it is telling you how you can watch Tenplay abroad, no matter where you might be and at which continent.

Watch 10Play in Europe – a video tutorial

But, today I also produced a YouTube video in which I show it step-by-step… In the video I answer questions such as:

  • Which VPN provider will actually help you watch 10Play in Europe?
  • How to use the VPN to unblock 10Play?
  • and so much more.

You can find the instructions in the following video on YouTube, or you can go ahead and stream the video here right away.

If you like the video and want to give ExpressVPN a try (and get a hold of the 3 months for free as you sign up for 12 months), click the link beneath.

If you have trouble along the way or just want to share something else that might be on your heart, write a comment.

What I would be interested in knowing is why you are interested in streaming 10Play in Europe? I have watched quite a lot of programs on 10Play, and I am a big fan of Gogglebox and This Is Us. But, why do you want to watch 10Play outside Australia? Which programs cause you to have this yearning on your inside that even makes you will to spend money at a VPN to get access to Tenplay?

I would love to hear what your favorite programs on 10Play are, so please write a comment and let me know.

To be honest…

If I were to watch one Australian channel because of the TV shows available there, I would probably go for 9Now before I picked Tenplay. There are great shows on Tenplay (This Is Us, Gogglebox and more), but the shows on 9Now are way better the way I see it. My current favorites on 9Now are The Big Bang Theory and Manifest, but there are several other shows worth streaming there as well.

But, I have some great news. If you first have an ExpressVPN subscription, you can also use it to stream 9Now outside Australia. As a result, you do not have to choose between 9Now and 10Play, but instead, you can have both. Isn’t that some great stuff, huh?

Is ExpressVPN the only VPN provider that works with 10Play and 9Now?

I cannot say anything for sure, but I do know that I have tried a lot of different VPN providers, and neither of them have succeeded in unblocking ExpressVPN and 9Now. Another challenge is to get access to Australian Netflix abroad, and that comes hard to most VPN providers as well. But, not only have I managed to stream 10Play and 9Now outside Australia with ExpressVPN, but I also managed to watch Australian Netflix abroad. That is great, especially if you long to watch some of the content on Netflix that can only be streamed on Netflix in Australia.

So, what are you waiting for my friend? Go ahead and give ExpressVPN a try. Your money is safe with their 30-day full refund policy, and if you have any trouble, write a comment and I will help you stream 10Play in Europe and on all the other continents of the world!

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