Can I watch Asia Cup 2019 online?

Between January 5th and February 1st, Asia Cup will be arranged and the best football nations in Asia will compete for the final victory.

The tournament will be arranged in the United Arab Emirates, and the official name of the tournament is AFC Asian Cup 2019. But, how can you watch Asia Cup 2019 online? How can you cheer for your favorite nation, no matter where you might be in the world?

How to watch Asian Cup 2019 online?
How can I watch Asian Cup 2019 online? Source: Fox Sports

Watch Asia Cup 2019 online

There will be quite some networks in Asia broadcasting the event online, but most of these are hard to stream and access online. Currently, the best version seems to be to stream Asia Cup on Hotstar in India. This is a channel free to stream online, and all you need is an Indian IP address in order to get started.

  • You can visit the Hotstar website right here.

Notice, if you try to access the Hotstar website outside India, you will get an error message, or be transferred to a local version of the Hotstar website. This will not work if you want to watch Asia Cup 2019, so to access the content you are interested, you need to use the VPN services of PureVPN which will give you an Indian IP address, which again will help you stream the AFC Asian Cup 2019 on Hotstar in India.


If you click the button above, you will be taken to the PureVPN website. There you can sign up and download their VPN client, which again will let you connect to an Indian server, which will give you an Indian IP address. It is really easy and quick, and you should be ready to watch the Asia Cup 2019 online in less than five minutes from now.

I am watching Asian Cup on Hotstar from abroad
I am watching Asian Cup on Hotstar from abroad

It is also nice to know that PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy, in case you do not like the service or do not feel satisfied.

Asia Cup on Eurosport in Europe

Asia Cup 2019 will also be broadcasted by Eurosportplayer in Europe. But, based on what we have seen so far, no matches has really been broadcasted on Eurosport in Europe, so it might be that they will start broadcasting matches as things heat up. But, as of now – there are no Asian Cup matches to see on Eurosport or Eurosportplayer.

Asia Cup 2019 groups

Which teams will participate in Asia Cup 2019? Here you can see the groups.

  • Group A: Bahrain, India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
  • Group B: Australia, Jordan, Palestine, Syria
  • Group C: China, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines
  • Group D: Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Yemen
  • Group E: North Korea, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
  • Group F: Japan, Oman, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

As you look through the groups, it isn’t as exciting as a European Championship or the similar tournament in America, but it is still interesting.

The team with the highest FIFA ranking is Iran (ranked as number 29), followed by Australia which is currently ranked number 41 on the same list. Japan is the third best team in the tournament according to the same list, and they are currently ranked as the 50th best team in the world according to the same list.

Based on these stats, it should be clear that Iran, Australia, and Japan are the teams we expect to win the tournament. But, one more nation to look out for is South Korea. They have some great players with lots of speed and great skills. They haven’t been very good lately, but if they get started, South-Korea might very well end up winning the entire tournament.

  • The Asian Cup in 2015 was won by Australia…
Can I watch the Asia Cup in Europe?
Cheer for your favorite nation in Asian Cup 2019 online!

Are you ready to stream the Asian Cup 2019 online?

We hope these instructions will help you to find a way to stream the Asian Cup 2019 online! It will be a fantastic tournament (hopefully), and we do hope there will be some spectacular goals and that some new super-talented players will be discovered.

If you have a question related to how to stream the Asian Cup online, use the comment field beneath.

Would you rather just tell me which team you cheer for, and which team you hope will win the tournament? Please write a comment and let me know!

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