Can I watch Feel Good online?

Feel Good is a Channel 4 series that premiered in 2020 in the UK. It tells the story of two people who start a relationship. They are both funny, but they have lots of challenges in their private lives and it is not going to be easy for any of them. But, Feel Good is not a drama, instead – it is a comedy show with good jokes, some drama, and a nice British accent!

Feel Good is one of many awesome TV shows created by Channel4 in the UK. Most people only know of ITV and BBC, but Channel4 is actually producing just as many good shows as its bigger brothers in the UK. That is why shows such as Made in Chelsea and Deadwater Fell also origin from this TV network.

But, how can you watch Feel Good online? Is there a place to stream Feel Good for free? Can I watch Feel Good on Netflix? Is Feel Good on Hulu? I will answer all these questions right now.

How to watch Feel Good online?

Unfortunately, Feel Good is not on any of the popular streaming services yet. You cannot find Feel Good on Netflix, and it isn’t on Amazon Prime in the UK, nor in the USA. It might get to some of these services in the future, but as of right now, the only place to stream Feel Good is on the website of Channel 4 in the UK.

Click the link above to find all the episodes of Feel Good at the Channel 4 website. But, if you try to stream the episodes there, you will most likely see the following error message. It is a common error message you see whenever you try to stream Channel 4 abroad.

You cannot watch Feel Good on Netflix, but you can on Channel 4. But, you might see this error message.
You cannot watch Feel Good on Netflix, but you can on Channel 4. But, you might see this error message.

You will see the error message if you try to stream Channel4 outside the UK. So, what can you do about it? You need to use the VPN services of either ExpressVPN or PureVPN. These are both services that will help you change your IP address, and as a result, get access to all the content on Channel4 in the UK, even though you live somewhere else.

As a result, you can stream Made in Chelsea, Deadwater Fell, and Feel Good on Channel4 in Africa, in Asia, in America, and in the rest of Europe. And by the way, both services will help you stream Netflix content in 8 different countries, to watch BBC and ITV online, to watch Hulu and Amazon Prime, and many other streaming sites and services.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN service. It is known for good prices, good customer service, and as a very easy-to-use VPN provider. They are one of the biggest VPN providers with servers in way more than 100 countries, and they will let you use one subscription on five devices at the same time. It is also nice to know that they will give you your money back if you do not like the service (and tell them so within 30 days).

ExpressVPN49% discount – 3 free months

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. This is important, because they do not have to follow the jurisdictions of the EU, the United States, nor other such “eyes” looking into whats going on. It makes them a perfect provider for those who consider privacy to be of great importance. They have a 30-day full refund policy, servers in 95 countries, and they support unblocking of Channel4, BBC, ITV, Netflix, and lots of other streaming services.

  • Download the VPN program of the service you decide to use!
  • Run the application and connect to a server in the UK.
  • Visit the Channel 4 website.
  • Create a free Channel 4 user. Make sure to register it with an address in the UK.
  • Get ready to stream Feel Good online.

What about Android devices?

You will need to download the Channel 4 application to your Android device in order to stream Feel Good online on your Android device. It is important to have the ExpressVPN/PureVPN application running in the background and connect to a server in the UK for this to work.

If you cannot find the application for Channel 4 in the Google Play Store, go to and search for Channel 4. You can then download the application manually to your device without using Google Play Store. You will then be ready to stream immediately.

What about iOS devices?

If you have an Apple device like an iPhone or an iPad, you need to download the Channel 4 application from the Apple Store. If you cannot find it, then you need to create a brand new Apple ID and register it with an address in the UK. It is important to use a VPN connected to a server in the UK while you are doing this.

Later use the new Apple ID (registered in the UK) as you visit the Apple Store. You will then find the Channel 4 application and be able to download it. After you have it on your device, you can keep on using your ordinary Apple ID on your Apple device again. But, if you later want to download the BBC iPlayer application or the ITV Hub application from the Apple Store, use your UK Apple ID again!

Get ready to watch Feel Good online

I hope these instructions have helped you. If you still have questions or need some help along the way, please write a comment and I will do my best to help you!

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