How to watch Channel 4 outside the UK?

Channel 4 is an amazing network of TV channels, with some of the best programs in the world available. They have a big selection of programs in their library, and they also have live streams available for Channel 4, 4E, 4Seven, More4, 4oD and Film4 available.

If you try to watch Channel 4 or one of the other channels from outside the UK you will get to press the play button, but then you will just wait and wait for something to happen, but nothing really happens. Or, you might get an error message looking something like the picture beneath, telling you that “All 4 is only available in the UK.”

This will happen if you try to stream Channel 4 content abroad.
Error message as you try to watch the content on Channel 4 (All 4) abroad.

If you get an error message like this, what can you do about it? Here comes the solution!

Use a VPN to watch Channel 4 from abroad

There are quite a lot of websites who have written how to fix the problem, but these instructions will tell you even more. The most important part of the solution is to get a UK IP address because that is the minimum requirement for you to be able to watch programs from the library or the live stream. So, the most important is, therefore, to get an IP address in the UK. The best way to get such an IP address it by using a VPN service. A VPN service will connect you to a server in the UK, and when connected, you will get a UK IP address unblocking online content, not only from Channel 4 but also ITV and other channels.

There are plenty of VPN providers offering servers in the UK, so in general, it is just to pick and choose, but as we did this test and watched Channel 4 and 4E live stream from abroad we used the VPN services of ExpressVPN. If you want to read our ExpressVPN review, just press the link. If you want to visit their website and sign up for their VPN service, click here.

Watching All 4 abroad with a VPN – step by step

  • First, visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for their services.

ExpressVPN is a fantastic VPN provider not only giving you access to Channel 4/All 4 abroad, but it can also help you stream American Netflix abroad, to watch ITV and BBC in the UK, to stream ORF in Austria, to watch Fubo TV, Hulu, CBS All Access and Amazon Prime in the USA, and so much more. They also have a 30-day full refund policy, and besides that, a subscription can be used on three different devices at the same time.

It is also nice to know that ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN provider on the market currently, and they have servers in almost 100 different nations. They have no bandwidth limitations, and you can connect to as many servers as you like and stay online all day without any regulations and limits.

  • Download the ExpressVPN client to your computer or mobile device.
  • Install the app, open it and connect to a server in England.
  • Restart your browser, or restart the Channel4 App on your mobile device.
  • You are now ready to stream Channel 4 abroad.
It is possible to watch Channel 4 abroad.
I am watching The Virtues on All 4 outside England using a VPN.

How to get the All 4 application for Android?

Have you search for the All 4 application in Google Play Store but cannot find it? What can you do to stream the Channel 4 content on your Android device if that is so? Well, this is the solution.

Install the file after downloading it. You might be warned against installing content from unknown sources but accept the installation. The program will then be installed on your system and you are ready to stream All 4 abroad on your Android device.

Do you still have trouble watching Channel 4 abroad? Do you get the error message even when using PureVPN or ExpressVPN?

A VPN is not enough to watch Channel 4 from abroad (out of date)

The first time I tried to watch Channel 4 from abroad I got really frustrated. I connected to a server in the UK, but nothing seemed to allow me to watch the live stream. I could watch some programs in the library, but not the live stream. What was the problem? Was it the VPN services? Then I found a solution, and this information might be what will solve those problems you have had for such a long time as you try to watch 4E, More4 or some other channel from abroad.

You got to change your Windows settings

To be able to watch Channel 4 live stream it is not enough with a local IP address in the UK. Their website is so smart that it will also check with your Windows settings if you are actually in the UK. That is why you need to change even some Windows settings for this to work (or the settings on your Android or iOS device). Here are what you need to change.

  • Make sure that your timezone is set to London timezone
  • Make sure that your location is set to United Kingdom / England in the regional settings

Once you have made these minor changes you can try again, and now it should be working.

Do you need help streaming Channel 4 abroad?

If you need help after reading this article, please write a comment and we will do our best to answer and help you out as quickly as possible!

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