Can I watch Parasite on Netflix?

Parasite is the name of the biggest sensation from the Oscar Gala in Los Angeles on February 9th in 2020. It is the first non-English movie ever to win the Best Film award, and it also won several other awards. And now people are eager to watch Parasite on Netflix. But, can it be done? Is Parasite to be found on Netflix?

Already before the Academy Awards in 2020, the movie was the highest-grossing South Korean movie ever. But, with all the attention given to the movie since it won all those awards, it will for sure make much more in the coming weeks.

But, is Parasite on Netflix? If yes, where? If no, when will it come?

Is Parasite on Netflix?

The answer is, unfortunately, no! Parasite cannot be streamed on Netflix yet, and I guess it will take a few more months (at least) before it will make its grand arrival to the streaming platform.

When will Parasite come to Netflix?

It is impossible to say and predict, but based on the big attention the movie just got, I guess they will ride the wave for some months and sell it to cinemas once again worldwide, and only once the wave has been silenced, will the movie come to Netflix. My earliest prediction is around the summer of 2020, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it will end up taking even more time before Parasite will come to Netflix.

Parasite on Netflix

Where can I stream Parasite online then?

Since you cannot stream Parasite on Netflix, there are a few other solutions. You can, of course, purchase it or borrow it in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store. Or you can purchase it on Amazon. There are no normal streaming services giving you access to Parasite yet. At Flixtor you can find the movie, but you will have to purchase an expensive subscription to watch it, so it isn’t really a good option either.

Where will you stream Parasite? Or will you wait for the movie to come to Netflix?

For more information on how to access all sorts of Netflix regions, check our article on the best VPN providers for Netflix.

What do the critics say about Parasite?

We have seen it lots of times before that the critics love a movie (and give it an Oscar), and then the audience hates it. What is the reality when it comes to Parasite?

The movie has a fantastic 99% score among the critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but the actual audience score is 92%. So, it seems as if this is a movie both loved by the audience and the critics. What can I say about it myself? I haven’t seen it yet, but I will check it out and write more about it as quickly as possible!

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