You can still stream BBC online outside the UK

The summer is here, and major changes is taking place with BBC. You now need a registration to stream BBC online, and in addition you need to be in the UK. What about those outside the UK?

In the world of online streaming changing occur frequently. BBC has done their uttermost to make their iPlayer unavailable to users outside the UK, and recently they also made it necessary for everyone using their iPlayer to register online. The registration is however not enough in itself in order to stream BBC online from abroad. Since there are so many people abroad who want to stream BBC content like Doctor Who, Paula, Versailles and other content available on BBC iPlayer, we created our article on how to stream BBC online originally. We have earlier today updated this article to make sure that it is 100% up to date.

BBC iPlayer only work sin the UK Sorry
BBC iPlayer only work sin the UK – error message as of June 2017

What’s needed to stream BBC outside the UK?

There are two requirements that needs to be met for you to stream BBC outside the UK.

  1. You need to be registered to the BBC website with a user (with a UK ZIP code).
  2. You need to have a UK IP address not blocked by the BBC iPlayer.

As we tested the BBC iPlayer earlier today we were tricked a bit. We used a VPN provider working with BBC, but still we got the error message. We then realized that the BBC user we had registered did not have a UK ZIP code, but it was registered abroad. Because of that nothing worked, no matter what we did.

Doctor Who on BBC
Here we are watching Doctor Who on BBC

We therefore created a new user with a ZIP code in the United Kingdom, and then we used a VPN provider working with BBC. At once we were able to stream the BBC iPlayer content, and it was really great.

Are you ready to stream BBC online as well? Read our instructions on streaming BBC from abroad and you will be ready to stream within a few minutes! If you have comments or questions, use the comment field beneath!

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